Sunday, May 5, 2013

Which WWF interview set to do next?

I gotta tell you guys....Having my own Buried Alive and Scaffold match playsets are freaking awesome!  It has really been enjoyable playing with these!  Yeah I am 40 and still wrestle with my figures...Wanna make something of it?

I had made two signs before.  The Dungeons and Dragons one and my DC one.  But then I had the idea of the playset idea and now my mind is open like never before.  I want to do more!

So I am having an internal struggle....I love the classic Piper's pit but I also love the one where Andre turns on Hogan....I love them all actually.

1. Piper's pit-  It is a classic I know.  But it seems alot of wrestling creative guys have made one before.  I like to be different so.....
2. The Barber Shop- The legendary Shawn Micheals heel turn.  I do not think anyone has ever attempted a custom of this.  Lots of detail!

3. The brother love show- Pretty frickin simple.  Carpetted red velvet wood and a curtain.  Not much to it.

4. General Manager's office- As you can see someone already did a custom of this...

5. The Funeral Parlor- It is a little too similar to the Snake Pit for me.

6. The TNT show-  Now THIS one really tickles my fancy bone.  I think a custom of this done by my artist would frickin rule.  I spent many nights watching Tuesday Night Titans.  
7. WCW interview area circa early 90's...- This one is pretty cool as well.
8. Prime Time wrestling set- It was really only the Brain and the Gorilla talking is still awesome.

But I want your vote!  I am leaning towards the Barber Shop or the TNT show though.

These are custom stuff for me...What I REALLY hate are these guys that customize existing figures then sell them on Ebay for higher prices than they paid for the original figures...BUT that is a Controversial Thursday post...


  1. I vote for Piper's Pit. I'm one of the biggest Piper fans around, so I am a bit biased. But most of the important angles of the 80's either were born on the Pit or were showcased on the Pit. Plus, all other interview segments owe their airtime to Hot Rod.

    1. Well that is one vote. My wifey DOES get a vote here as do I and we both voted for the Barber Shop...I wonder what other bloggers will vote for. My Jake Roberts snake pit should be ready in another week.

  2. I like the ideal of the old TNT show myself.

    1. I do too! I just need a Jakks old school Vince to go with it.

  3. I remember how bad i felt when Andre the Giant turned.Go with the pit Hobby.

    1. Yeah it just seems it has been done to death. If I did it it would be a combo of the early set and the later set.