Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist-Top B TV shows I want on DVD!

Hey all!  Here we are for another version of Wednesday Wishlist.  DVDs or whatever that I WISH I had.  This one is titles of TV shows starting with B.  And oh boy we have some good ones.

1. Barnaby Jones season one- This was the go to show that was on after Incredible Hulk.  I loved this show.    So far they have only released season one but hey....It's a start!  This show really transports me back in time.  Wish I could find it in Mexico.

2. Batman the animated series volume 3- I have all the other ones but cannot find this one for a decent price. This volume has BANE in it!  One of my favorite villains.  It is a must get!

3. Batman new adventures-  Oh yeah!  I was watching this all the time in the seventies.  Saw this one time at Best Buy and opted not to buy...BIG mistake!

4. Battle of the planets-  Now I have waxed on how much I hate anime but this show was in English!  It was also on all the time.  I loved it as well.

5. Beavis and Butthead volume 4-  these are the NEW episodes from MTV!  I have the other ones but need this one.  I am sure the duo is up to no good again.

6. Bosom Buddies season 1- I am a collectionist...But somehow I do not want season 2....Go figure.  But this show was great.  I think in my area they started showing re runs when Tom Hanks did Splash...

7. Bozo- Oh yeah.  For some reason a kid like me from Atlanta loved Bozo...Never been to Chicago but man...The show looked like so much fun.  The prizes the kids won is something!  

8. Brady Bunch complete series-  Yes yes yes!  Again, watched in reruns.  I love the shag carpeting box it comes with.  These shows were good and wholesome.

9. Batman Brave and the bold season 1 part 1- I have heard such great things about this show.  I have to get it!

10. I HAVE to get the rest.  I have heard rave reviews about this show.  I have never seen it though.

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