Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 TV Shows C,D,E,F list on DVD.

Yup....All of this week's Wednesday Wishlist has to do with TV shows and has to do with the letters C,D, E, and F... These are shows I will get one day but do not have right now.
1. Captain American TV movies-  Yes I consider these to be tv shows...They did two movies starring Reb Brown.  They are essential to any kid that was born in the seventies...

2. DC superheroes- I saw very few of these but is DC on DVD!  Gotta have them!

3. Different Strokes season 3- I have seasons one and two so far.  Gotta get this!  In fact this may be number one on my list!  This TV show really sparked something in me as a kid.  

4. Different Strokes season 4- Again this show is awesome.  Yes I EVEN liked it when little Danny was introduced onto the show.  Mr. Drummond is definitely my TV father.  He had good morals and tried to bring the kids up right.

5. Drak Pack- This was tailormade for my little monster self.  I only watched two or three episodes.  Hey, it was 1980!  My attention span was constantly being fubared....

6. Eight is Enough season 1- Yes I saw a few of these too.  I love shows like this.
7. Fat Albert complete series-  Remember I grew up in Atlanta so I identified with these guys.  

8. Flintstones season 6- I have the first 5 on DVD.  I have no idea why.  I never watch them.  But I am a collectionist.  I NEED to sit down and give them a serious looking through.

9. Flintstones prime time specials- Oh yeah...Look at them.  I think they were called the Gruesomes but I might be wrong.  This and Drak Pack sure did leave an impression on my mind about monsters.


  1. Different Strokes!
    "Now the world don't move,to the beat of just one drum...what might be right for you,may not be right for some.."

    1. I just finished seasons one and two. By the end of Two Gary Coleman had lost that cuteness he had...

  2. Scratch off Flintstones season 6. I have it now.