Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD Movie K edition...

Oh yeah...It is Wednesday Wishlist top 10 K list of DVDs I am looking for.  So let's start off shall we?
1. KPAX- This little gem of a movie stars Lex Luthor and Obadiah Stane...Nevermind...But it is a good movie no?

2. Kickboxer- This is an awesome movie.  I love it to pieces!  Great training music for you workout guys out there.

3. Kill and Kill Again- This was an HBO staple in my youth.  I wanted to be the Fly.

4. Kill or be killed- I think this was the first and the above was the sequel.  Gotta get these one day.  They were on HBO back then and my friend Brett and I would play karate guys.

5. King Ralph- Great John Candy movie...Oh I mean John Goodman movie.  He becomes a king!

6. Kingpin- My friend Russell recommend I see this and I wasn't disappointed.  Milk came out my nose when the goat was introduced.

7. Krull- An HBO staple that I do not remember much of.
8. Kate and Leopold- This movie taught me how to act like a gentleman.  We should all rise when a woman leaves the room.

9. King Kong 1933-This was one of my father's first movies.  He told me the time where he stayed in the cinema all day watching this over and over and my grandfather at around 6pm found him and grabbed him by his ear to get him out of the theater.  I think Dad also gave me a love of the classic monsters to this day.

10. Krippendorf's tribe-  This was a blink or you miss it at the theater.  A cute little story to be sure.


  1. K-Pax ftw.Even if it sounds like the name of an antacid.

  2. Replies
    1. Gotcha....Tazz from ECW said it meant something else.

  3. KRULL !! Loved that movie, watched it like crazy on HBO too ! I made a Glaive out of plastic can lids so I could play it, the blades retarcted and everything !

    1. Again I do not remember much of it. I just remember it being on often.

  4. Isaac and I are big fans of KRULL!

    1. It seems everyone is! I am in the dark on this one.