Friday, May 24, 2013


In 1987 I first started watching the WWF because a friend of mine Jeremy Royal and a friend who I have forgotten the name of had an LJN Jimmy Snuka figure.  I bought the figure from him and that was the start of my journey.  One of the first times I watched it was WWF Superstars.  The first match was Randy Savage vs. Tiger Chung Lee....But the Snake pit was on next...

This segment was fascinating.  I totally believed Honky Tonk Man hated Jake Roberts.  It set up their feud perfectly.  

I have to say the artist is a genius!  This piece is even more amazing than the Buried Alive set.  He faithfully captured it in perfect detail!  It is durable for play.  The only thing about these pictures is it is TOO much light.  The thing is much better with it a little darker.
 So frickin cool!  This is even better than the Buried Alive set!  And I have been planning to sew a cool shirt and pants for Jake as he never wore his ring gear on the Snake pit.
He even got the two mini waterfalls right!  Just needs a little white paint to fully bring it out.
 This is how the back of it looks.  Easy to put up if I have to.  Not as big as the Scaffold match or the Buried alive match.

Uh oh....Honky Tonk Man is backstage awaiting to come on.  I should have photographed Jimmy Hart too but I had to find the figures fast.
Watch out Jake!  Honky is winding up ready to play his tune on your head!
 And it's lights out for that dreadful snake!  This set up their Wrestlemania 3 match!
 Uh oh...Got caught playing with my toys again....
Oh well I might as well...Get em Honky!

I do not have the Mattel Jake Roberts.  Hopefully someone nice out there will just send me one for free for being the ultimate fan....hehe...

What should I do next?  The mind boggles....But let me tell you...The other interview areas I could do would just not stand up to this one in any way!  So for now they are on indefinite hold while I contemplate what to produce next.  What is next in my mind though is another WWF playset....

But after all that I am going to tackle the old Mego, Marx, and Remco playsets of my youth.  Oh yeah I have big things planned!

Also sign this petition to try to get Jake Roberts into the Royal Rumble 2014!


  1. WOW!That's pretty much right on the mark!

    1. Tell me about it! Whoa! I am blown away by this guy. I will have to feature other work he has done for me someday with regards to Monster Cafe Saltillo. But this is SO frickin cool!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yeah...Diggin it like the Macho Man used to say!

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it? Could possibly double as Poisen Ivy's lair someday. I have so many ideas for more projects my mind is busting now. It is more fun making these than getting real toys.

    2. Maybe even Serpentors lair?

  4. Very Nice !! Love the entrance from behind, perfect !!

  5. Very very cool!
    Love old school wrestling.
    Slowly started to get Isaac into it!!!

    1. It was like a comic book come to life. Almost no one used their real names. Now it is completely different.