Monday, May 27, 2013


I really into doing WWF stuff right now.  I think it is because there is a lack of Marvel Universe, Star Wars etc.  But really there is also a lack of Mattel WWE stuff too.  Which is why I am making my own stuff.  It is my way to continue to collect.  DVD's are nice but this is really cool.  I had my artist make a few more things...Here are the previews.  I can't wait till I see the real things he finishes though.

1. Sidehighwall match-  Yeah I totally made that up.  There were really no wrestling playsets outside of a ring back in the day.  So a child was forced to improvise.  I had a cardboard box that I used to cart my wrestling figures around in.  So I had the idea of putting it on the side of the ring and using it.  Thus the sidehighwall match was born.  I had so much fun with that cardboard box!  Legendary and bloody feuds with the Legion of Doom vs. other tag teams.  So this time will be different.  I have commissioned a strong wood box and this time covered in chicken wire.  Oh man...I can just imagine the carnage that will ensue.  So this box is dedicated to my childhood.

2. Barbed wire tables-  I cannot find these Jakks toys at all.  Never saw them in stores...So...I figured I would have two of them made.  Maybe in the future I will do the barbed wire bats as well.

3. RAW letters entrance stage-  Oh yeah....This is probably what I am most excited for.  I plan on doing an entire Arena and this is just the beginning!  I just wish the WWE would bring back the RAW logo letter stage.  It looked great!

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