Thursday, May 2, 2013

Next commission! Jake Roberts SNAKE PIT!

I know I JUST did a blogpost on where I was going to focus on just Monster Model kits....but I couldn't help it.  Something compelled me to do it....I had to do another playset.

I toyed with the idea of my guy doing the Undertaker's casket match next but I decided to play to his strengths.  The Snake pit is right up his alley.  Now when I came along watching wrestling the Snake pit just had it's broadcast with Honky Tonk Man blasting Roberts with his guitar.  It was just about to end though....Other shows have come and gone.  Piper's pit is probably the most famous...Then you have the Heartbreak hotel, the Barber Shop, The Funeral Parlor...then the WWF got lazy and started doing it INSIDE the ring!  How boring.  So Chris Jerichos Highlight Reel was in the ring as was Carlito's Cabana etc.  Boring crap.  Gone are the days of great interview areas....Oh?  You do not remember the Snake pit?  Well here it is....
This is when he interviewed Danny Davis when Danny was screwing up other wrestlers with his calls of matches.

And this is the one that stuck me so hard as a boy.  Honky Tonk Man blasting him in a sneak attack.  Say what you will about the WWF today....Jake Roberts was the coolest of them all.  He was the MAN!  Too bad Hogan tried to sabotage his career by refusing to work with him because Jake was getting better reviews from the fans.  Oh well.  What could have been!

I have a few more WWF projects to finish on my list.  When my artist can do his stuff then I will move onto other things.  I think Piper's pit might be after this.  
I can just commision stuff and it comes.  Right here in ole Saltillo.  Not so with the pain in the ass of ordering a monster model kit, then you have to wait for it to ship...Then the nice guy that lets me use his box has to deal with my stuff etc.  It is a little pressure.  Making these is easier.

I just wish my metal guy could do his work and do my doors.  It has been over 2 months now.  I gotta get to Texas one day!  But not only that...I am dying to do some steel cages etc. with him.  He is too frickin slow!

And I know people aren't commenting anymore on my blogs.  I have decided not to let it get to me.


  1. The Snake Pit would be a interesting playset to see so I can not wait to see how this one turns out.

    1. I think it will be good. I did not even notice the fake water in it...My designer noticed it immediately. He is so awesome!

  2. I loved WWF back then.

    1. So did I! I still watch the old stuff. I never watch current product for two reasons. One, I have to work....Second...The spanish commentators ruin it for me. It needs to have the option of being in English here.