Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My hatred of LEGO and how it could be redeemed...

Yeah I admit it.  I just do not like Lego.  Baby toys to be sure.  It is a pain in the arse trying to assemble them together.  IT is frustrating...And then...Ya cannot really play with them like you can a good ole Action figure...  But here is where I come out of the closet....I COULD be redeemed....How you say?  IF Lego went back in time and re released these....
Oh yeah!  I am talking FABULAND!

I had quite a few of these when I was a tyke.  

They didn't seem to be lego to me although I know they were.  

They just seemed to be from another place!  Simple and effective.  They really remind me of the Books SWEET PICKLES come to life!

But then again I might not collect.  I have such a full plate already.  But this would be awfully tempting...I mean hell everything is getting repopped lately....why not these?


  1. Yeah, but those things hurt SOOOOOO bad when you step on em !!!

  2. Come on! Lego rules!

    As for Fabuland. Saw lots of them last year at the flea market but didnt get them... yeah now I wanna punch myself for it!

    1. I have not seen them in YEARS! We are talking 1979ish.