Saturday, May 4, 2013

HAHA! Matty 1 Nyda 0

That is right!  My own mother stole my tape version of the Goodbye Girl soundtrack...I got in back in CD form!  Screw you Nyda!  You lose this round Mommie Dearest!  And I wish I had a pic of me giving her the finger but a pastor took the pic and I didn't want to offend him!

I was a young kid.  18 or so when I lived 6 weeks in New York in 1993.  It was SUCH a magical time for me.  All of the movies I had seen like Big Business, Tootsie etc. made NY such a special place to be.  I am so glad I got to live there TWICE in my life.  In 1993 another movie from the seventies called the Goodbye Girl had been made into a Broadway musical..I LOVED that movie.  Very NY centric.  The musical was great too.  It starred Bernadette Peters and Martin Short as the two leads.  I was hitting all of the plays in those 6 weeks in between the times of being at AADA acting school.  I loved this musical and bought the cassette tape of it.  Kept it for years and sang along in the car.  So.....


I got it back in a deal on Amazon for $3!  A part of my childhood that she stole is now rightfully back with me.  

I know my fellow toy bloggers will not get too hyped up on this CD etc.  But I am a song and dance man at heart.


  1. Huge fan of The Goodbye Girl. Richard Dreyfus deserved that Oscar.

    "I sleep in the nude. El buffo." That line always cracked me up.

    1. Yeah Martin Short is NO Dreyfus that is for sure. Dreyfus was born for that role.