Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Funday- NEW DVDS!

Oh yeah!  My wifey really wanted la femme nikita season 3 and decided to order it.  Thing is...We had a little money left over....So I ordered some high profile movies on my list...

1. Emmet Otter's jugband christmas-  I FINALLY GOT IT!  WHOOOOO!!!!!  But this time Wifey will see it with me so we can both cry in our sleep over this classic Christmas tale.  I have wanted this for forever....EVEN when VHS was the only option out there!  And this has another Nyda connection.  She made me and my other brothers and sister come over her house for Christmas...This is the ONLY thing I wanted to see then and was ignored most of the time.  But Nyda was too selfish to let her youngest child see this and it was ALWAYS something else on TV that SHE wanted to see.  So this is great.  I can watch it all the times she denied me...So guess what?  Nyda 0 Matty 2 now!  F you Nyda!

2. Harold and Maude-  Since Wifey is 13 years older than me...I thought this was perfect for us.  Unfortunetly Nyda introduced me to this film.  Perhaps she wanted as an older person to get it on with her own son.  Wouldn't surprise me.  She used to lie naked in bed and call each of the sons in one at a time to talk to them.  What a sicko.

3. La Femme Nikita season 3- I have watched the first two seasons with her TWICE now....Gotta see more even though I am a little sick of it.  My real only connection to Nikita is it used to come on right after RAW during the Monday Night Wars with WCW.  So I would usually watch about 5 minutes of it.

4. Bugs Bunny Howloween special-  oh yeah....FOUND this in Mexico of all places.  Now my Halloween collection is complete.  I have everything from my youth pre witness times.
5. SIX PACK-  Loved this movie as a kid!  It is great.  Hokey and cheesy and just how i like it!  It is so good!  This was part of my Amazon order.  Came brand new as well!

7. Fisher King-  Found this gem in Mexico as well.  WOWIE!  Robin Williams is fantastic in this masterpiece.

Now she wants to order La Femme Nikita seasons 4 and 5...


  1. :) Six Pack ! I grew up watching that on HBO !

    1. So did I! I love the little foul mouthed kid!