Sunday, April 21, 2013


October 1996, the buried alive match as it was called pitted the Undertaker vs. Mankind.  I was enthralled.  I have loved wrestling since 1987.  I ordered Wrestlemania 3 on PPV mind you so my fanatic ways about it go back a stretch.  Since I had my metal guy design the dreaded Scaffold match that I featured last week on this blog...I thought about other WWF items I could do.  In walks my artist that helped design Monster Cafe...I thought of the buried alive match.  I was pretty sure my metal guy could not design it anyways as there is no metal in it...
 Look at this thing!!!!!
 Poor Mankind is going to be BURIED ALIVE~Look!  He even engraved the headstone and then painted the letters over it!  AWESOME!  Yes the headstone is wood but I betcha didn't know that did ya?
 Now THIS is a playset!!!!
I am just awaiting Kane to come down any minute to give Undertaker a hand!
Look at the size of this thing?  It is as big as one of our tables!  It is so strong too.  I am going to have a blast playing with this thing...Austin vs. Taker!
 The Jakks Undertaker and Mankind are just battling it out!  WHOOO!!!!
 Look at this SIZE!  It is next to a Jakks real scale RING!  WHOA!
This thing is so frickin cool.  Hours of fun at a time when companies usually do not make playsets anymore. 

Now I just gotta figure out how to store the beast...And as always whenever I get one of these creations in my mind starts to race on what I could do next....Wrestling playsets are great and all....But with the announcement of Figures Toy Company re releasing Mego style heroes...I am thinking something along the lines of doing the Mego Batcave playset...I wanna really test this artist.  But mine would be sturdy and none of that plastic cardboard crap that was done back in the day.

And to the people that say it is too big then WATCH a Buried Alive Match.  The amount of dirt used is equal if not MORESO than a ring's size.  The Buried Alive hole has to be as big as a figure.  A figure that could stand up in it.  So it is a good 7 inches deep.  That is why it appears to be a mountain but in reality with scale etc. it is perfect.

Again this is not made to be absolutely perfect.  We all have blinders on the way things should be.  This is MY version of the Buried Alive set.  I like ALOT of play area.  I like huge playsets.  

Here is a Buried Alive match that someone uploaded from Smackdown vs. RAW 2007.  Notice how huge it is...

And hey fellow bloggers!  COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!  


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    1. Thanks Jboy! I might even have my metal guy do some GI Joe playsets in the all metal HQ or Terrordrome!

  2. Pretty neat H.G. ;)

    1. I know wrestling is not loved by many people but I just adore it.

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    1. Yeah I am jonesing to do more. Was thinking about the Casket match and Stretcher match next.