Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 DVD I want F edition.

So welcome to Wednesday Wishlist where I flat out state what I am wishing for to be included in my collection!  This week it is DVD movies!  And all of these today will start with the letter F.  I do not have these but am actively searching for them...

1. Fantasia-  To me- the original dropping acid movie...Whoa!  It has great animation and awesome music.  I think every nerd will tell you that the dinosaur segment would be their favorite.

2. Force 10 from Navarone-  A huge staple of my youth.  It seemed to come on HBO every single time I got the flu.  Would sit up watching it eating fishsticks with ketchup and watching this.  Loved Harrison Ford being the Star Wars nut I was.

3. Flashback- This hippie movie is pretty funny and poignant.  I like it alot.  Only saw it once.

4. From the hip-  I loved the Breakfast Club but had never seen this gem.  I worked at a video store and took it home on a lark one night.  Whoa!  Great plot!  And the ending!!!!  Wowie!

5. Funny Farm-  I have always dreamed of this life.  Moving out to the country with a pond in the back and relaxing...I would fit better in the town than ole Chevy did that is for sure!

6. Far out man-  Tommy Chong goes solo in this film.  It is ok.  I do not remember much.  But it IS on my list to get.

7. Fire and Ice- This is an animated 80's movie.  Again like Far Out Man I do not remember much about it.  But look at that cover!

8. Funny about love- Gene Wilder continues his funny look about life.  This time with baby in tow.

9. Forbidden Planet-  How can I own the Monster Cafe and NOT own this is beyond me!  I have seen this film once.  Wish I owned the machine the scientist has..