Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- G dvd's I am wanting!

Again Welcome to Wednesday Wishlist where I beg to have something....This week it is the DVDS that start with the letter G...So here goes...
1. Gacy-  Since seeing it on Youtube this to me is the definitive version.  The Brian Denehy version kinda sucked.  In other words I did NOT believe the performance...But this one is great.

2.  GalaxyQuest-  How can I not own this gem?  Great movie!  Star Trek come to life.

3. Ghost- Really romantic film!

4. GI Joe-  Have not seen it...It probably stinks but hey...It is JOE on film!

5. Going Ape- I haven't seen this one in years.  Fresh after making Taxi  two of it's stars do this film.  I loved it as a kid.  Heck it has monkeys in it!  But sadly it is not on DVD yet...

6. Good guys wear black- The first Chuck Norris movie I ever saw.  The man raping the woman scarred me for life.

7. Good Will Hunting- Just an awesome script.  Great acting as well.  Very personal movie for me.

8. Groove Tube- Oh yeah!  I have it's counterpart in the Kentucky Fried Movie and this is the sequel.  So fricking funny and raunchy!

9. Groundhog Day- Love love love this film!  I always wonder what I would do with eternity.  I would learn SO frickin much that is for sure.

10. Greystoke- This was one if not the first real Tarzan films out there.  It told his origin beautifully.  Love him mimicking the tiger..


  1. Dude, that Gacy cover gives me the creeps !!!

  2. No GIJOE movie stinks. Both are classics of the live action GI JOE Genre. If there were GI JOE Oscars they both would win. Honest. Galaxy Quest is a gem. Best thing that numnut ever did.

    1. Ok...Giddy up! Hope I score them one day!