Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD I edition!

It is Wednesday Wishlist!  DVD I edition!  Yeah I wish I had these on DVD.  In Mexico one never knows though...

1. I'm dancing as fast as I can-  Yeah why would I ever want to see this?  Because of HBO.  It was on alot in 1981.  I watched it many times as a kid.  Startling no?

2. I'm from Hollywood- I first saw this in 1998 when my wrestling fever was at it's highest pitch.  I think Andy here is the greatest villain in the history of wrestling.  Sorry Ric Flair.  But this one storyline blows them all away.  So fresh.  Wish McMahon could copy it...

3. If you could see what I hear-  Marc Singer takes a turn at being a blind guy WELL before Al Pacino even thought about it.  It is a great movie.  Sadly, not on DVD.
4. In the Army now-  Pauly Shore in this movie cracks me up!  It is very funny.

5. Incredible Shrinking Woman-  Oh yeah.  An HBO favorite.  My favorite parts are her living in the dollhouse.  This movie is also where I fell in love with Charles Grodin.

6. It's a Wonderful life- A Christmas classic.  I only recently saw it in 2000.  I do a good Stewart imitation so....

7. It's my party- A good movie highlighting the AIDS crisis which just might be over with if it is true that bee toxin kills HIV....Let's hope so.  A great movie with a decent cast!

8. Iron Man-  Yeah...How can I be a comic book nerd and not have this film?  It is because in Mexico they think it is still a new movie and keep the price at $20!  Everything else they lower except this one.

9. Iron Man 2- See above...

10. Incredible Hulk-  I have the first one but do not have this one....Again, too pricey for my tastes here.  

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