Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD H edition!

Yes it is Wednesday Wishlist again and I am back.  I really want these DVDs that start with the letter H...They are must haves.

1. Hugo the Hippo- Saw this movie as a kid.  Loved it.  Bought the vinyl soundtrack.  Sadly it has not been released on DVD...They say it is racist...I never saw anything racist in it as a child.
2. Hardtimes-  Man...What a movie about street fighting!  James Coburn is classic with his oneliners!  

3. Hardware Wars-  Saw this when it premired on HBO all those years ago.  I am a Star Wars buff.  How can I not have this?
4. Harold and Maude- Maude had life altogther.  She is a beaut.  Although I do not like her stealing cars...

5. Heavy Metal- Cartoon boobies!!!  I gotta see this again!  The airplane scene creeped me out as a kid.  How did I see these movies so young?

6. Here comes Peter Cottontail-  A perrienial favorite at Easter time.  I have the other Christmas and halloween classics.  I need this too!

7. Hot Stuff-  Loved this on HBO as well.  I challenge anyone not to laugh their ass off when Deluise smokes that pot....OMG!  So funny!
8. History of the World part 1-  A Mel Brooks classic.  Love it when she deflates herself with the bobby pins...HAHA...

9. Hiding Out-  Jon Cryer before the ridiculous 2 and a half men.  This movie has drama comedy and romance.   

10. How to be a man-  I have never seen this.  I think I need lessons though.


  1. Ah..Heavy Metal. That was the first time I ever heard cursing or saw breasts in an animated movie.

    I need to check out Hard Times. Bronson was one of those actors that was a bad ass on and off the screen.

    1. It was one of my first time too...Cartoon boobies...WHOOO! Hardtimes is probably my favorite Brosnan movie.

  2. Dan O'Bannen ( of Alien-1979 & "Dead and Buried") did the "B-52" Zombie segment... And the voice of John Candy as the Cop...Heavy Metal was Great... I also liked "Hot Stuff"" ( but have not seen it in years.. ) Have a Great Weekend Good "Hobgoblin"

    1. Thanks buddy! I had Heavy Metel in my hands in Texas and opted not to buy...Ughh!