Saturday, April 20, 2013

Score Saturday-MU series one again?

You know....I love Mexico.  I really do.  There are some things I do not like about it as I am sure everyone feels about where they live etc...I do not like that figures cost so much among other things but this part I like....Mexico apparantly has a storehouse of figures.  All across Saltillo they have been hording Marvel Universe figures.  The stores have been restocked with series one or two I cannot remember which of figures...SO.......I scored a few that I thought I would never find.

The Hobgoblin and Jonny Storm!  I apologize that I have had to use pics from the internet but camera is missing it's digital card so....I am forced to do this.  But these are exactly like the ones I bought.  So glad to have them.  Hobgoblin moreso.  I was there.  I was READING the Amazing Spiderman when Hobgoblin was first introduced.  Issue 238.  My friend Robbie Trott and I tried to guess who he was.  We never found out.  Robbie moved away and it wasn't until years later that Roger Stern the writer of Spiderman, revealed who it was.  We both never guessed it was Kingsley.  So glad to have them both.

I hope Mexico continues to release older series.  I am missing alot!


  1. The Hobgoblin is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains. We had not idea who he was when he first appeared and that was a lot of fun to read.

  2. Congrats on discovering the motherload!

    1. Eh...Two figures just help. I am way behind!

  3. Cool find!
    We don't own these... yet.