Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday FIND- The BIG reveal! Scaffold match!

I had mentioned this last month and right then I lost my ability to take pics....So a friend helped me out again.  I have shown the steel comic rack my metal guy made.....Now.......My very first made to order wrestling playset!  The terrifying SCAFFOLD MATCH OF DOOM!
Now if you remember I had a pic of a custom one I found somewhere....
Well my Metal guy took one look at it on this very computer....He had NOTHING else to go on besides this pic.   He is a genius.....So he created....

 OH man....this thing is awesome.  All steel welded together to give me hours of playtime goodness!  Look how BIG it is compared to the REAL SCALE ring of Jakks?  My DC sign is still sitting on the floor.  I have been so far too lazy to hang it up.
My guy even included two ladders at opposite sides for the opponents to have fair fighting ground!  Wow....So frickin big and awesome....

I have mentioned the Buried Alive set I commissioned.  Well it is half done.  And hopefully I can take pics of that too when it is done.  I am not going to stop here though.  I am going full on RETARD!
Whenever I get the doors done....I paid for them a month ago and he hasn\t completed them yet....I will order a steel ring and cage match painted blue of course.  But after that I might commission this....
The Triple Cage of death set!  This was in the final years of WCW.  I always loved the look of this and if done right....It should be around 5 feet tall.  Imagine the epic battles one could have!

BUT....Gotta get my doors first and the ring will come first.  Then I can sell those crappy Jakks rings...They break so easily.  Mine are held up by tape and rubber bands....I might even make my Real Scale ring a little larger...


  1. Replies
    1. I thought YOU would be the one to appreciate it.

  2. Listen... I'm not a wrestling fan. Like... at all...

    And that is one of the coolest things I HAVE EVER SEEN!

    1. Thanks alot! I just wish I had the space for it. The buried alive set coming next is going to send my cramped living quarters in to outer space...

  3. Curse that insanely talented "metal guy!" Because of him, you'll never be able to afford a trip to the US of A.

    -Leigh's husband, Aaron

  4. HAHA...Nah when I ordered the doors he quoted me his price. I said Throw in the comic book rack and the scaffold match and ya gotta deal. One of these days soon....It is funny he made this stuff....Then it has been weeks without the doors! And that was the thing we paid for!

  5. Well I don't know so much about the game that's posted here, but I have all the Superstar Pro Wrestling games that were advertised in those Bill Apter wrestling magazines of the 1980s & in one of the sets it had a scaffold match & the Triple Steel Cage Tower Of Doom. I still have the scaffold matches between the Midnight & Rock N Roll Express & on Xmas night each year, I have in the main event for my PPV "Gloom In The Doom" As I bring back the Tower Of Doom match. Just some great times. And for 30 years I have been the NWA & I have up my own website where I post all the NWA action. I even made & invented NEW grudge matches along the way. The website is Superstar Pro Wresting Game.

    1. Awesome. I did quite a few wrestling custom playsets in 2013. I have now stopped to do other work. One day I will get back to it.