Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top A Tv shows on DVD I want!

Yup....I will be running this every Wednesday alternating with the DVD movies that are on my wishlist.  Oh If only I could find them then I would be a happy man...It might not always be 10.  Could be less.
1. A team season 2-  Yeah I HAVE season one.  But this continues the story!

2. A team season 3- More continuation...

3. A team season 4- What else can I say?

4. A team season 5-  It is the final season.  I am a collection completist.  So I heard it was bad but I gotta have it!
5. Amazing Stories- Season 1...I do not think they have come out with another volume after this.  But these were unique for the day.  After all it does say Spielberg at the top!  I always loved the theme.

6. Animaniacs volume 1- I have none of these.  But man...these were the stuff back in the day.  Cutting social commentary etc.  I watched these during my Rocky Horror phase and they always seemed to delight!

7. Animaniacs volume 2- More craziness!

8. Animaniacs volume 3- Lunacy!

9. Animaniacs volume 4- Wowie!  Love the tower background!

10. Avengers animated series volume 6-   I have the first 5 which are awesome!  I guess this is the finale....Should be awesome!  I spot Galactus there!


  1. All great choices. I so remember watching the A-Team with my Dad and goofing on everything about it.

    1. OH man...Not to me! It was serious business to a kid like me..HAHA

  2. A-team and Animaniacs ! How could you go wrong ?!?!

    1. One cannot! I would stay up late watching them if I had them. Complete with Carmel popcorn!

  3. Yes The Avengers animated show was awesome, we loved it!