Friday, March 8, 2013

To my fellow bloggers...

I have a few boxes I am still going to send out to you.  Trust me.  But look at it this way please if any have hurt feelings that it might be taking too long.  With that said I am sorry about that.  But being in Mexico is it's own animal.  They barely have good mail service here.  And it is incredibly expensive to send to the states...AND....Because the peso pretty much sucks against the dollar at a rate of 13 pesos to one dollar it takes me 13 times harder to work to make a dollar.  See what I am getting at?  I think that is why there is a huge cloning DVD process here.  A friend of mine explained he always buys cloned DVDs because he has to work much more to be able to afford DVDs that the people in the states can get for cheap.

Not to mention I run a restaurant.  We are a two person family owned business.  We have to do it all basically.  Buy the food, hire the workers, pay the outrageous fees to own a liqour license etc.

And when we go to the states it isn't easy.  You guys just fall out of bed and send it via the post office.  We have to drive four hours to Texas.  Sit in a hot car for an hour to cross the border where they crawl up your ass with a microscope.  THEN we have to stay in a hotel.  Usually $100 a night.  We like to stay 2 nights to make the trip worth it etc.

So patience crew!  I will get your stuff to you.  Still saving to pay off these bills.

So to Calvin, Tony, Buzzchuck, and Leigh....Much love to you!  Have some faith!  I know I said I would be in Texas in Febuary but man....Been blindsided by restaurant stuff that I have explained here on the blog.  So what do you guys want is the question! 

Calvin- authentic lucha libre masks
Tony- Toybiz figures
Leigh- the SLUG zombies
I have no idea what to send Buzzchuck....


  1. No rush on my end. I appreciate anything I do get and when I do get something I save opening it until I need to be cheered up. No worries. Hope everything stays cool with you.

  2. With everything you have to go through,i would rather you not send anything H.G.It seems like a lot buddy.Take care of you and yours first,that's what matters.Don't sweat it,really ;)Just keep up the great work on the blog.Love Controversial Thursdays!

  3. It's no big deal. Maybe you should just send a post card.