Friday, March 29, 2013

Ordered something else to be made...

Guys....the scaffold match is a thing of beauty.....ONE of these days I will have means to photograph it...Well my little artist guy was here the other day and for only a few bucks I ordered something else.  The Buried alive playset!
Oh yeah....Since Mattel nor Jakks will make one...It is again up to me!

It is even going to come with a little tombstone.  Only saying Buried Alive of course.  
He is going to put plastic grass on it and polyurithane coating for the dirt etc.  I told him to make it strong as it will probably take a pounding.
This is what I DO NOT want!  How boring!  I am going to have plastic grass but man...The above is too neat to be done.  I like a little dirt...I like patches of baldspots in my grass etc.
And this royally sucks....It is what happens when kids try to customize things...But I want mine done professionally.  One that will last for years.
I am sure it will be alot better than this....

I promise you guys I will have a camera again soon.  
The artist doing it is the same one that did all of the Monster lifesized figures, and my DC and Dungeons and Dragons sign.  I am sure he will not disappoint with this.

The Buried Alive match concept came about in October of 1996 and even had a PPV named after it.  It was revolutionary at the time.  I think they have had 5 in total.  Plan on using mine alot!  I am sure it could also double for an MU display.


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    1. Me too! It is SO frustrating not to have a camera!!!! God! I had three digital cards at one time and now none...

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    1. This might be my last thing to make for awhile. Got bills to pay around here.