Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Toy Tuesday- Superhero mania!

Yeah so I got a few discounted DVD's at Blockbuster yesterday.
The Dark Knight Rises!  WHOOO!  I have not seen it yet as most of the movies that come to Saltillo at the theater are DUBBED into Spanish...Ughhh...major letdown.  So I have to wait until the DVD comes out before I see anything.  I mean El Chavo comes on in the U.S. but do we dub it into English?  No....So why does it have to be done here?  Anyways why is Bane talking like Sean Connery? 
Chronicle-  I have seen the advertizements about this flick.  Looks like something I would like.  And I did.  Wifey and I loved it.  I would love the power that they had.

These two were on my DVD wishlist.  So I can erase them now.  Oh, I also got Piranha 2 DD!  That was not on my list but since I figured I had part one, how could part 2 be bad?


  1. Chronicle was one of my favorite films of last year. Superheroes on the cheap but very effective storytelling.

    1. It was great. Wifey and I were trying to think of things we would do if we had those powers...

  2. Always nice to see that wishlist dwindle :)