Sunday, March 17, 2013

Help me out! Where to retire?

I have agonized over this for about a year now....WHERE should I retire?  Maybe people can comment on this ole blog and help me out.  Here is my criteria....

I want to grow my own vegetables and have a little livestock.  Like a few goats, some chickens etc.  Nothing like a cow or anything big like that.  Would love to have a few dogs too.

  So my area has to be reasonably warm that I would go to.  I DO like snow sometimes but not for months on end.  I do not like Tornados, or Hurricanes etc. I am very gun friendly...

 So the states I have picked out in the U.S. are....

Florida- PROS- No income tax, warm all year round, FUN stuff to do like Disney etc. close to GA.
             CONS-Too many people, TOO hot, Alligators and snakes up the wazoo, cannot have a basement.

Georgia- PROS- It is my hometown.  I know it well.. I know all the good restaurants and my two brothers are there.
              CONS-Too many witnesses that know me there.  They would shun me for sure.

Tennessee-PROS Low taxes, warm most of the year and a little snow, Mountains baby, CAN have a basement...Close to GA where I was born. Mucho guns...
                 CONS I do not know the area...

OR...I could just stay in Saltillo Mexico....
PROS- CHEAP living, I can have my dream house for next to nothing in costs, warm and cold weather
CONS- Boring as dirt, Will never fit into the culture or 100% grasp the language, no access to guns, no comics in English, Toys are too expensive...

So whaddya think?  Could someone help me out by recommending a state perhaps to go to?


  1. I think Georgia is good Hobby because it's your home and the heck with Witnesses they are not part of your life any more buddy.

    Also Tennessee would be my second choice or have you even thought about Kentucky? I grew up there in Louisville and it is a wonderful place.

    And I live in Michigan now and as much as I love it here I don't think it would be a good fit for you due to the cold weather. : )

    1. Kentucky has no sales tax right?

    2. They use too I don't know about now lol.

  2. What happen to your dreams of a Canadian Socialist Paradise?

    1. The cold brother...the cold...Toys too expensive...But it does have Bret Hart...

  3. Dude, I live in the southern tier of Buffalo, NY. We get some snow but the hunting is great, you can farm yet get to civilization quick ! Employment is tough here if you are a laborer but you can move the Monster Cafe up here ! Believe me, restaurants do really well here ! Then again, I just looked at a job in Hawaii so what do I know :)

    1. HAHA...Yeah but New York taxes are some of the highest in the nation. Cannot do that.