Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 WEIRD stuff I want...

So this will be somewhat geeky....Somewhat not.  Just stuff that popped into my head of things that remind me of childhood that I wouldn't mind having again.  This stuff will fall out of my zone of 3.75 inch figures or wrestling figures...
1. Ferarri foldup glasses-  Oh man!  I would love to have these back.  I like stuff that you can fold up.  But with that in mind....Up comes number two...
2. Tom Cruise Risky Business sunglasses- Although I do not have the hair anymore....I would still like these. Risky Business was one of my favorite teen films.

3. Water basketball- I found a knockoff in Mexico a few years back but it kept leaking the water....Darn it to heck....So yeah I would love one of these again.  I spent many an hour playing with such a simple toy.  And speaking of water...
4. Water gun blowup balloon carnival game-  Yeah I want one of those clownheads.  Like I said...Weird right?  I think Wifey would be equally in the huh factor if she saw this in the house.  BUT, it reminds me of Six Flags in Atlanta.  I miss that place.  I think it would look pretty cool in the Monster Cafe.
5. Vantage cigarettes-  Now I do not smoke.  Tried it once and coughed my brains out.  But my father used to smoke these exclusively.  I would like a pack just to put on the shelf.  Smell it from time to time.  But sadly or fortunately they do not make them anymore...
6. Sillisculpts-  Not all of these...Just some of these.  Nothing quite captures the seventies for me than these.

7. Lego Space program-  Now I do NOT collect Lego.  I can't stand them.  But I did have this when I was a tadpole.  I COULD see myself having this set again.  This would be the only one though. 
8. School lunch tray- Now I WISH I could eat what you see in the pic ONE last time.  That Friday Pizza day was something.  It was one of my favorite pizzas of all time.  Hey you bloggers with kids!  Do they still serve this in schools today?  Oh well...I would be happy in having an original lunch tray though.
9. Mcdonalds coffee mug-  I own a bar/cafe....I do not drink coffee.  I can't stand it.  BUT I love this mug.  My Dad used to have one.  It is from the seventies as well.
10. 1975 Dakin monkeys hugging-  My mother had this for years.  It was always on her shelf.  Now I hate my mother with a passion.  Think of the movie Mommie Dearest and you'll know why but I DO have fond memories of these monkeys.  Wish I had em.  I am sure Wifey would like them.


  1. Have that water basketball ! Had it as a kid, thats a FUN game !!

    1. Yes it was! So elated to find the one in Mexico...But the trash heap for leaking...

  2. Waterfuls! Tomy made these if I remember correctly besides the Basketball one there was a few others. I think I had one or two them as a young man.

    1. Yeah they had a few more...Like putting rings on posts etc.

  3. I predict that you will SOON start collecting LEGO!!!!!!