Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 BIG figures Hasbro has to make for MU!

I just LOVE the Marvel Universe line from Hasbro!  All of it.  I own NO big figures at all.  I wish I did...However this is my top 10 list that needs to be made in the big figure form.  Giant form....Like 12 inches....And Galactus SHOULD have been taller...But anyways...I hope I can make up 10!  To date Hasbro has done Giant Man, Goliath, Black Goliath, a Sentinel, Galactus, and a rumored Fin Fang Foom.  So they are out! 
1. Absorbing Man-  He has been done in a little figure form.  Hasbro has the mold...So why not?  Look at him here!  All steel version!  Wow!
2. The Stranger- This guy has been around FOREVER!  Why not a figure for him?
3. Goliath-  This is the Eric Josten version.  Awesome villain!  Beat Hercules almost to death.  He should be around 8 inches to match the other big guys.
4. Atlas-  Yeah I am getting two for one on this one.  I discovered Thunderbolts by accident.  I picked up the first issue on a lark.  Very surprised!  So it wasn't spoiled for me.
5. Titan- He is a member of the Imperial Guard.  Pack him with Husser and I am sold!
6. Meteor Man- Oh yeah!  One of Spidey's villains was first named the Looter...Then he became Meteor Man and got BIG like in this classic issue.  I want em!
7. The Living Tribunal-  I have no idea what I would do with this figure...But putting him in cosmic situations makes sense.  I certainly could use him for the Infinity Gauntlet...If I could ever get a Thanos...
8. Eternity- Same as Living Tribunal....Man is this guy trippy or what?  He would make great scenes with Dr. Strange!
9. Doombot- They revealed it at Toyfair as seen above.  It is just a Sentinel with a Doom head painted silver...It is awesome!  Do it hasbro!
10. Genoshan Robot-  I cannot find any good pics on the internet but it kinda looked like this.  It was featured in Xmen the animated series.
.BUT...I am not done yet...RE-RELEASE Goliath, Giant Man, Galactus etc.  I need em!  I cannot find them.


  1. How about the Watcher? Big head and all.

  2. I didn't mention him because the Marvel Select one works so well.

  3. No Fing Fang Foom? Or any of the other old "Marvel Monsters" would be awesome in my book. Also a Red Ronin could be fantastic! very "Shogun Warrior" like. : )

    1. Fin Fang Foom is already in the works which is why I didn't mention him....As far as Red Ronin goes....GOOD CALL!

  4. Not too familiar with most of em but that Doombot looks great !!

    1. The doombot is ok...I kinda made one myself. I took the clothes off of my Famous covers one...He is perfect!

  5. Great list!
    We would buy them all!!!