Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- DVD C list!

Now this is the third series of DVD wishlists I have done.  These are DVD movies I do not have but want oh so badly.  This will deal in movies that begin with the letter C.  Kind of like Sesame Street huh?  If there is a great C movie and I have not listed it here then chances are I already have it. Giddy up!  So here is my Top 10 C list movies!
1. Catch me if you can- A GREAT film!  Love it.  Bought a clone of it and watched it several times.  Now I feel guilty I have the clone and want the real thing.

2. Chaplin- Downey Jr. before Ironman fame.  It first showed off his acting chops.

3. Chasing Amy- This film should be apart of any geek's collection.

4. CHUD- This was one of the first monster movies I had ever seen as a kid.  Love all the characters and the plot if you can believe that.  I do NOT want the sequel.

5. Circle of Two- A great love story about an older man and a younger woman.  Kind of like the situation with my wife only reversed....And the age difference isn't THAT much.

6. Clifford- This little gem every geek should be.  I was alot like this kid when I was younger.

7. Creepshow 2- I have part one.  I do not have this one.  Love it.  Shame there are only 3 stories though.

8. Condorman-  Possibly the first superhero movie ever made!  It may suck I do not remember.  I do know that I loved it.

9. Coming to America- Eddie Murphy plays multiple parts in this one.  Going to Queens to find a Queen...Hilarious!

10. ConAir- Possibly my least favorite on this list.  But I still want it.


  1. Unknown Chaplin is a terrific several tape documentary about Chaplin and his career that shows behind the stage at many of his most famous movies.

  2. Coming to America is a classic ! So many one liners !!

  3. Chasing Amy is my least favorite of Kevin Smith's "View Askewinverse" movies. I don't hate it, but the tone was more serious, and was too different from the movies that preceded it. Jason Lee is great in his roles in Smith's movies, and this is no exception. Plus I have a thing For Joey Lauren Adams.

    Coming to America is another classic. I agree with Michael as well, there are too many great lines in that movie.

    And Con-Air wasn't too bad. Gotta love John Malkovich when he's playing the bad guy.

    1. Yeah chasing amy was intense. Good acting though.

  4. Loved CONDORMAN as a kid... aged terribly.

    Absolutely love COMING TO AMERICA! Watched it with Isaac last year and we laughed so much!!!

    1. Haven't seen condorman since I first saw it in the theater....