Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- D DVD movies I want!

Now we are on the letter D.  Gotta have em!  The top 10 DVDS I do not have that begin with the letter D.  Hope to find them in Mexico one day.  I would gladly trade anyone many beers if they bring one into the monster cafe!
1. Dad- This heartwarming film always leaves me in tears.  I was so close to my own father.  In fact I used the music from this film as my father's funeral.

2. DC Cab- I have never seen this.  But it has an appearance by Bill Maher.  That has to count for something.

3. Death Hunt- A Charles Bronson favorite.  I love dogs.  I love guns.  What is there not to like about this movie?  Also has Apollo Creed in it.

4. Death Ship- Saw this as a kid and it terrified me.  I do not think it has been released on DVD.  But that still doesn't stop me from wanting it.

5. Dreamscape-  This was an HBO staple in the eighties.  I haven't seen it since.  Love this film!  I graduated from AADA...The villain did too!

6.  Dragonslayer- Same thing for this film.   As a kid I was bored by it.  I think I would appreciate it more as an adult.

7. Dot and the Kangaroo- Have not seen it since I was a kid as well.  This is a MUST own for me!

8. Deuce Bigelow- My friend Russell and Gina introduced me to this film.  They kept watching me to see how I would react in the theater.  I love it.  Even the sequel is good.

9. Down and Out in Beverly Hills- Terrific film.  Great cast!

10. Dracula 1979- This was an HBO staple as well.  I miss it. 


  1. DC Cab is so stupid but so funny. I must watch that one twice a year. I never get enough of the Gary Busey parts.

  2. Saw DC CAB so many times when it came out! Its so bad! I need the DVD!

    1. I saw a clip with Bill Maher in it...thought it was buy worthy...