Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday funday- New DVD!

Yeah I still do not have a camera yet...I have the phone to take the picture but do not have the little pen thing.  This was a second hand phone we obtained...So hardly anyone carries the pen to use the phone with. Maybe that is why it was so cheap...Oh well.  We will get it eventually....Then I will be back to blogging up to full strength.

So as for my latest acquisition.....
Found this for 40 pesos in Mexico.  I have been out of the loop of cartoons forever it feels like.  This is an anime version of the Fantastic Four.  It included 4 episodes on this dvd.  Loved the introduction of the Skrulls!!!!  That was so great.  The rest was kinda Eh....HATE Johnny Storm's hair in this one.  Overall I would recommend it.  I hope I can find more of this series to see what happens.


  1. Thats cool ! I hope they have it on Netflix !

  2. I really like the style they did this one in. I have seen all the FF cartoons out there and this one was one of the most exciting. I like the voice work and the stories - very old school FF which is what we all graduate back too.

    1. Yeah I felt that. I just hate anime with a passion.