Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday- top 10 Jakks WWE figures I want.

OH yeah....I am a huge WWF fan.  I used to be moreso when I lived in the states.  I would love to complete my collection...These are the only guys I am missing!
1. Brock Lesnar bone crunching- Oh yeah....Man This figure would steamroll over my whole Jakks collection.

2. Cactus Jack bone crunching- I had him once and sold him when Dad died.  He was a great figure.

3. Dudley Boys bone crunching-  Imagine these guys and what they could do!

4. Marc Mero Bone crunching- I have the black shorts version.  I would like the red shorts.  He would pop on the shelf with a brighter color.

5. Diesel and Razer Ramon bone crunching- I had them too.  I used them SO much that the paint wore off of each one.  Wish I had them back.  My Jakks fed needs some Outsider love.

6. Undertaker bone crunching- I need this purple one again.  The one I had was during Jakks first run and his arm broke off coming out of the package.  I glued it to him and it was never the same.

7. Dave Hebner- Never had this figure.  I always wanted an awesome ref figure.  I had the generic one but not ole Dave.

8. Legends Classy Freddie Blassie- I had him too.  Sold em when my father passed.  I used this figure alot.  I gave him a finisher like what Xpac had.

9. Hurricane Jamie Nobel Final Count-  I love the Final Count figures.  Never had these two though.

10. The Dumpster-  YES I said the Dumpster.  While not a figure I do not have it.  Used to love the old dumpster matches these guys put on.


  1. Great list Hobby! And some of these would look great on display in the Monster Cafe.

  2. I got a few of these, I'll start posting them ! I was hardcore into Jakks mania when they first came out and still have a ton, is that Blassie figure a "Rubber LJN" kind or poseable?