Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 magazines I want

Hey there Monster bloggers!  I am going to TRY to stretch this one to 10 as it is Wednesday Wishlist!  I love magazines.  So great!

1. Toyfare issue 1- Yeah the first time Wizard tried to do Toyfar they came out with this first issue.  I read mine till the cover fell off.  I love it.  Wish I had it again!
2. Toyfare issue 2- Oh yeah!  This kicked off the standard Toyfare issue every month.  But this was the first.
3. Fangoria 28- The first issue of Fangoria I ever picked up.  I was obsessed with Friday the 13th part 2.  WISH I had this again!

4. Fangoria 29 through 31- These were my next Fangoria issues and pretty much my last ones.  4 months of strict horror...That and my father made me get rid of them when he became one of Jehovah's Witnesses...

5. Rolling Stone Batman issue- This was special for me because I was in the midst of Batman fever.  This at least to me was the first time comics had been discussed by a modern magazine like Rolling Stone. 
6. Moonraker-  Gotta have this again.  As I remember it was all black and white but I loved it.  Was SUCH a fan of Jaws.  The character and the shark.
7. WWF magazine 1985 Jan issue-  This was the first WWF magazine I ever picked up.  I had just become a fan in 87.  How I found this I have no idea as it was released a few years earlier...Would love to have all those eighties issues back.
8. Ninja Magazine 4- First one I ever picked up as well.  My friends Chris, Eric, and I were ALL about Ninjas in the mid eighties.  These magazines contributed alot to playing in the woods.
9. The Newsweek Alien issue-  I am SURE this is circa 1979.  Dad had it and I loved looking through it.
10. Hero Illustrated 1-  This was going to be another Wizard magazine...I think it failed after 2 issues.  But I really liked the first one.
Bonus- Wizard issue 9- This was the first issue of Wizard I ever picked up...LOVE this issue.  It showed Toybiz' second Xmen figure wave.  I stared at this thing for the longest.  I was Toybiz crazy back then.
So that is it.  I WISH I had these magazines again.  Perhaps one day I will.


  1. Wow. I have a pile of old Wizard and Hero and Previews and some Toyfare. I miss toyfare. We need something like that still if only a website that shows off everything coming out in a month.

    1. Wow! Awesome! Hey Cal! I am joining your club! I am going to be one of the beard boys now! That is right. For the first time in my life I am going to grow a beard!

  2. I had all the Toyfare mags for the first few years, I wish I kept em. That ninja mag looks great !!

    1. Yeah so did I. But these two were my favorites. The ninja magazine was great! I WISH some publisher would put them in an Essential or bound volume type thing.