Sunday, January 6, 2013

Score Sunday- ARRR maties!

I was in Laredo last month....Found these at Big lots!  The more 3.75 figures the better!
Maybe I will make them fight Batman or something...

Also had this car from the WCW line.  It is a Goldberg truck.  Been sitting in my cafe NOT selling...So I repainted it to look a little mad maxish.  Put the Ironman movie Whiplash figure as part of the pirates because let's face it...This guy is NOT my Whiplash.  My whiplash has a costume etc.  

The pirates are pretty cool figures.  They glow in the dark or something like that.


  1. Nice pick-ups Hobby and yeah you can find some good things at Big Lots. : )

    1. Yes you can. Of course it is every 4 months that I go there but hey...

  2. I thought I was already following you. Sorry for the mistake my friend. Or did you remove me for my liberal stance?

  3. Big Lots can be a great place to pick up discontinued stuff cheap ! Nice score !