Saturday, January 5, 2013

Score Saturday- Thor's cousin!

Thanks to the ideas of Super Duper Toybox I am BACK in business.  This google chrome thing works like a charm.  So I got Beta Ray Bill.  He is great.  Now I just need a THOR figure!  And not that chainmail new fangled crap out there.  I am talking the one from the Avengers boxed set.  The classic version of him.

I never read a Beta Bill story.  I was reading comics at the time Marvel introduced him but I never read Thor.  I don't like Thor.  I like him in the Avengers etc.  But when he is in his own title, I never felt compelled to buy it.  Gods, and Asgard etc.  It seemed like Sunday school but with superheroes.  I had no inkling to check it out.  I did buy one Thor issue in my life.  When he crossed over with the Xmen during the Mutant Massacre.  He kills Blockbuster...Eh....I do plan to buy the Thor Essentials whenever I find them in the future though.


  1. Glad you got it working ! Never liked Thor much myself as well...chicks dig em though.......

    1. But I DO recognize his power and he is a vital member of the Avengers!