Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Toy Tuesday - Infinite heroes...

Quadrian or something like that.  I like DC but have not read a single issue since the nineties.  I have no idea who this guy is.  He IS from an alien race and is a weaponer....

Also I picked up Power Girl....Now these and Batman are the only Infinite Heroes figs I have.  I SO wish DC would come out with a Marvel Universe figure type in stores for their heroes.  Many people would buy them....Oh well....


  1. These figures are actually not that bad I rather liked them and had a few at one point and someday I might pick a few up again....maybe. : )

  2. I would prefer something in the GI Joe, MU style though. If DC ever gets off it's butt and makes them I will send you these Jboy!

  3. Oh we have another contender....Ok, one Qwardian to Jboy and one Power girl to Buzzchuck if they ever make a compatible line!