Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freaky Friday- I think I have a bat in my belfrey!

My friend Bob also known as Mr. Puppet is AWESOME!  He sent me this out of the clear blue sky!  Asking for nothing in return.  We knew each other for years as jws.  Now we are both out and will probably be better friends as a result.

Can you believe it?  An ORIGINAL 1964 Bats in the Belfrey game!  Totally creepy!  My entire Monster collection is now validated because of this.  All of the rest that I have is kinda easy to score.  Not this badboy.  Click on the pic to make it bigger.  It is eerily purple with kooky highlights of orange.  Never had this as a kid as I was born in the seventies but oh man....My monster itch just got scratched!  Bob, if you are reading this, wifey and I want to visit you and your family in Ohio one day and go to a toy show!  Thanks SO much!  You have restored my faith in humanity!

If there are any readers of this blog from Ohio....Check out Mr. Puppet!

A great family entertainment show!

But do not dare mention the honor killings and child marriages that goes on in Islam.  Ole Bob is a diehard Muzzie.  He unfriended me because I didn´t like the terrorist attacks.