Thursday, January 10, 2013

Controversial Thursday-Price asshattery!

It is controversial Thursday where someone gets offended....And this week we have people abusing the system.  What do I mean?

I think we have food stamps in Mexico.  But I am not sure.  I AM sure that this receipt found on the internet reeks of asshattery.  They used FOOD STAMPS to buy steak and lobster.  Bastards if I may say so.  That is an abuse of the system designed to try to help people.  If I saw someone doing this in line I would announce it loudly to the other shoppers.

What do the three pics above have in common?  Great sales in the U.S.  that is what!  Mexico NEVER has a sale!  They have IronMan 2 figures for $18 still!  A four year old movie!  You cannot even find them in the states anymore.
And that is that....THIS is WHY Mexico that I go to Texas to buy most of my figures!  Because you have no idea how to treat the consumer!

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