Thursday, January 31, 2013

Controversial Thursday- Justice is perverted...

If anyone has seen the movie Mommie Dearest then one could come away with a VERY clear picture of my mother, Nyda Brown.  I guess her name could be Nyda Williams Howell Brown Green Cooper Hallenborg but that takes up too much space.  Yeah ole Mommie Dearest was indeed married 5 times.  My father was the third Victim.  She is so manipulative and cool that she could sell ice to Eskimos.  I truly think that if she were a man she could have become a serial killer.  I do not wish to include a picture of her.  I am sure she will find out about this blogpost and she would love a pic of grandious Nyda to be included.  She isn't worth it though.

To make a long story short to show why justice was perverted somehow I tried to be a good son to her around 2006.  My father had died in 2003 and I hadn't spoken to Nyda in years.  I will refer to her as Nyda from now on because this creature is NO mother.  Mother's are tender and warm and geniunely love their children.  Nyda possesses none of these qualities.  She barely qualifies as human.  Anyway I was greiving over my father's passing and hooked up with Nyda.  She sold me on the idea of moving to Mexico with both of us becoming duel owners of a house here.  So we did!  We bought a house, signed an agreement with the real estate brokerage, money exchanged hands etc.  
Beautiful isn't it?  We bought the house for $300,000 US dollars in Ajijic Mexico.  A huge retirement community of Americans.

Even came with a small pool.

Even came with a dog!  Whoa!  I have always wanted a dog.  That is the only pic I have of him in the right corner.  A very tame Doberman.  I named him Ace after Batman's dog.  All was going good.

That is me on the left WITH hair and the real estate agent Mark Turford with I believe another agent from Remax.  All looks legit.

I lived there almost 2 months before Nyda's facade started to crack.  She threw me out of the house.  So I left.  Meanwhile unbeknownest to me the house had never been in the public notary.  So this inhuman monster changed the agreement wiping out my name and only putting her own in there.  She and the original owner conspired against me and blotted my name out.  I had moved on with my life.  Married and living in another house all the while thinking I owned half of the house in Ajijic.  When I found out in 2009 I sued!  I mean it is a CLEAR CUT case of FRAUD!
This is my jerkwad brother Evan.  Looks like a  used car salesman doesn't he?  Well he has about as much conscience as Nyda.  You should see what he did to his family...Ughh...But anyways he moved out to Texas at an early age and learned Spanish fluently.  Now I have done nothing to this guy but try to be a good brother.  Until now....Nyda used him. In my opinion, Nyda Dangled money in front of his face for him to use his knowledge of the language and real estate to screw me out of my rightful half of the house.  I have 3 brothers and one sister.  The other two refuse communication with Evan because they know what kind of a person is he.  Like mother like son.  My other two brothers Jeb and Ian are ok.  Ok people. Not fantastic but ok.  We all agreed to each other that if Nyda died and as she always does try to pit us against each other by giving all of the money say to one favored child so the other ones would hate him etc....So we all agreed that no matter who she left the money to that we would all share it equally after she died.  Evan told Nyda our plan.  So she gave it all to him.  So this guy Evan lied to my other two brothers saying that I was the one that told Nyda the plan.  He has definitely learned her method of trying to turn the family against each other.

In 2012 the authorities put the original owner in JAIL for 5 days because of this criminal act.  Also the man standing next to me is the real estate agent Mark Turford.  He is one of Jehovah's Witnesses one of the most honest religions out there....Um yeah....He sold it to mother and myself.  When I left Ajijic, he conspired with Nyda and was trying to sell the house again KNOWING that I owned half.  Some witness....He has been renting the house for 6 years now and has been pocketing the money.  None has gone to me the uh, rightful owner of half of it.  Next to Ruth this guy is probably the most dishonest witness out there.

Now it is 2013.  You would think the law would be on my side. However my mother is very rich.  Most evil creatures are.  She is worth an estimated 4 million dollars.  I once peeked at her statements...She, I believe paid off the judges in Mexico to pervert justice.   In Mexico you have 3 appelate courts.  I have already lost in 2 of them.  HOW could I lose?  I have the papers that I signed buying the house!!!!  How is that possible?  Judges are notorious crooks in this country.  That is how.  I am sure it didn't take much to bribe them.  Evan and Nyda strike again.  So to remove someone's name off of financial papers is NOT a crime in Mexico?  Yeah the judges have been smoking something for sure.  As of this writing I have not found out if I have indeed lost the third and final appelate court.  

I was counting on winning this lawsuit and selling the house.  With the half of the money I could visit the U.S. more often and was thinking about buying a place in Florida to retire one day.  Without it I gotta save pesos and convert them to dollars...A pain in the butt for sure.  So I have to earn more pesos to trade for less dollars because of the spread.  So that is why this will extrremely limit me from going to the states for awhile...Even a long time.

Nyda you are almost 80 years old.  Ya better not tell me where you are buried when you die.  Because I WILL show up with a boombox and play this...


  1. Damn dude...That is some cold-blooded shit. I'm sorry to hear about all you're going through. Let me know if you need any wire hangers to beat her with.

    1. As Nick Nolte said in Prince of Tides...."The woman should've raised cobras, not children."

  2. Wow, that is a harsh tale my friend. wonder most people are killed by a family member. I know a guy who knows a case you might need that kind of expertise. What what am I saying. You got local kids there who would do the job for half what I would charge. Buy local. That's what I always say. (sorry, I use humor to deal with uncomfortable situations)