Thursday, January 3, 2013

Controversial Thursday- I have Islama phobia

It is true!  I never met one I didn't like.  But then again I have never met one.  I am just going to be racist based on the available information.
Your're religion is SICK SICK SICK!  How can people be in favor of what is above?  So glad I was not born into some craphole like India, or Afhganistan....
Dehumanizing women like this is abhorrent!  Screw you Islam!  Mohummand should die!  How about that?  How about them apples?  Yeah I said it!  Pull an ole Jihad on me then! 
Killing a woman....How sane...Try it on me tough guy!

Cowards...Macho wacho religion.
Anyone that subscribes to this religion must be a weakwilled individual.  Praying to the west 5 times a day or whatever they do.  It is ridiculous.  And do not give me that ham handed excuse that not all of Islam is like this.  It is.  That is why the "moral" Islamic part of it NEVER condemns the radical part of it. 
I will be dancing like this when all of religion is destroyed.  Religion is a sickness of the mind but particularly this one.

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