Thursday, January 24, 2013

Controversial Thursday- Asshat part sellers...

What is an asshat parts seller?  Well pictures speak louder than words...
A vintage AT AT leg found on Ebay.  The asshat NO DOUBT took it off to sell it for $15!  Why not just sell the entire AT AT?  Well because this guy is an asshat.  That is why!

GI JOE TerrorDrome chair....Really?  You sold your Terrordrome and just happened to find this part in the hamper?  Yeah right.  Strip mining your old toys and selling the parts for $10 on Ebay puts YOU in the asshat club...

More Terrordrome parts above....SAME seller.  What a GIGANTIC asshat!  I would like to shove all of these parts up his peehole!

Sell the ENTIRE thing...Together or do not sell at all!
Oh look a LITTLE piece off of the Death Star....This ASSHAT charges $7 for such a part....He has the NERVE to call himself Watto's spare parts as his handle on Ebay....Again I would shove this sideways up his anal canal.  ASSHAT!

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