Thursday, January 31, 2013

Controversial Thursday- Justice is perverted...

If anyone has seen the movie Mommie Dearest then one could come away with a VERY clear picture of my mother, Nyda Brown.  I guess her name could be Nyda Williams Howell Brown Green Cooper Hallenborg but that takes up too much space.  Yeah ole Mommie Dearest was indeed married 5 times.  My father was the third Victim.  She is so manipulative and cool that she could sell ice to Eskimos.  I truly think that if she were a man she could have become a serial killer.  I do not wish to include a picture of her.  I am sure she will find out about this blogpost and she would love a pic of grandious Nyda to be included.  She isn't worth it though.

To make a long story short to show why justice was perverted somehow I tried to be a good son to her around 2006.  My father had died in 2003 and I hadn't spoken to Nyda in years.  I will refer to her as Nyda from now on because this creature is NO mother.  Mother's are tender and warm and geniunely love their children.  Nyda possesses none of these qualities.  She barely qualifies as human.  Anyway I was greiving over my father's passing and hooked up with Nyda.  She sold me on the idea of moving to Mexico with both of us becoming duel owners of a house here.  So we did!  We bought a house, signed an agreement with the real estate brokerage, money exchanged hands etc.  
Beautiful isn't it?  We bought the house for $300,000 US dollars in Ajijic Mexico.  A huge retirement community of Americans.

Even came with a small pool.

Even came with a dog!  Whoa!  I have always wanted a dog.  That is the only pic I have of him in the right corner.  A very tame Doberman.  I named him Ace after Batman's dog.  All was going good.

That is me on the left WITH hair and the real estate agent Mark Turford with I believe another agent from Remax.  All looks legit.

I lived there almost 2 months before Nyda's facade started to crack.  She threw me out of the house.  So I left.  Meanwhile unbeknownest to me the house had never been in the public notary.  So this inhuman monster changed the agreement wiping out my name and only putting her own in there.  She and the original owner conspired against me and blotted my name out.  I had moved on with my life.  Married and living in another house all the while thinking I owned half of the house in Ajijic.  When I found out in 2009 I sued!  I mean it is a CLEAR CUT case of FRAUD!
This is my jerkwad brother Evan.  Looks like a  used car salesman doesn't he?  Well he has about as much conscience as Nyda.  You should see what he did to his family...Ughh...But anyways he moved out to Texas at an early age and learned Spanish fluently.  Now I have done nothing to this guy but try to be a good brother.  Until now....Nyda used him. In my opinion, Nyda Dangled money in front of his face for him to use his knowledge of the language and real estate to screw me out of my rightful half of the house.  I have 3 brothers and one sister.  The other two refuse communication with Evan because they know what kind of a person is he.  Like mother like son.  My other two brothers Jeb and Ian are ok.  Ok people. Not fantastic but ok.  We all agreed to each other that if Nyda died and as she always does try to pit us against each other by giving all of the money say to one favored child so the other ones would hate him etc....So we all agreed that no matter who she left the money to that we would all share it equally after she died.  Evan told Nyda our plan.  So she gave it all to him.  So this guy Evan lied to my other two brothers saying that I was the one that told Nyda the plan.  He has definitely learned her method of trying to turn the family against each other.

In 2012 the authorities put the original owner in JAIL for 5 days because of this criminal act.  Also the man standing next to me is the real estate agent Mark Turford.  He is one of Jehovah's Witnesses one of the most honest religions out there....Um yeah....He sold it to mother and myself.  When I left Ajijic, he conspired with Nyda and was trying to sell the house again KNOWING that I owned half.  Some witness....He has been renting the house for 6 years now and has been pocketing the money.  None has gone to me the uh, rightful owner of half of it.  Next to Ruth this guy is probably the most dishonest witness out there.

Now it is 2013.  You would think the law would be on my side. However my mother is very rich.  Most evil creatures are.  She is worth an estimated 4 million dollars.  I once peeked at her statements...She, I believe paid off the judges in Mexico to pervert justice.   In Mexico you have 3 appelate courts.  I have already lost in 2 of them.  HOW could I lose?  I have the papers that I signed buying the house!!!!  How is that possible?  Judges are notorious crooks in this country.  That is how.  I am sure it didn't take much to bribe them.  Evan and Nyda strike again.  So to remove someone's name off of financial papers is NOT a crime in Mexico?  Yeah the judges have been smoking something for sure.  As of this writing I have not found out if I have indeed lost the third and final appelate court.  

I was counting on winning this lawsuit and selling the house.  With the half of the money I could visit the U.S. more often and was thinking about buying a place in Florida to retire one day.  Without it I gotta save pesos and convert them to dollars...A pain in the butt for sure.  So I have to earn more pesos to trade for less dollars because of the spread.  So that is why this will extrremely limit me from going to the states for awhile...Even a long time.

Nyda you are almost 80 years old.  Ya better not tell me where you are buried when you die.  Because I WILL show up with a boombox and play this...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well that is almost it....

I am a person with bad luck.  I just found out some news today that I was counting on a different result.  Everything of an investment type turns to crap for me.  Even lawsuits where I should be the winner...

I will go into this more on Controversial Thursday but nevertheless, it affects me going to the U.S. for a long time. 

This absolutely sucks!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freaky Friday- I think I have a bat in my belfrey!

My friend Bob also known as Mr. Puppet is AWESOME!  He sent me this out of the clear blue sky!  Asking for nothing in return.  We knew each other for years as jws.  Now we are both out and will probably be better friends as a result.

Can you believe it?  An ORIGINAL 1964 Bats in the Belfrey game!  Totally creepy!  My entire Monster collection is now validated because of this.  All of the rest that I have is kinda easy to score.  Not this badboy.  Click on the pic to make it bigger.  It is eerily purple with kooky highlights of orange.  Never had this as a kid as I was born in the seventies but oh man....My monster itch just got scratched!  Bob, if you are reading this, wifey and I want to visit you and your family in Ohio one day and go to a toy show!  Thanks SO much!  You have restored my faith in humanity!

If there are any readers of this blog from Ohio....Check out Mr. Puppet!

A great family entertainment show!

But do not dare mention the honor killings and child marriages that goes on in Islam.  Ole Bob is a diehard Muzzie.  He unfriended me because I didn´t like the terrorist attacks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 magazines I want

Hey there Monster bloggers!  I am going to TRY to stretch this one to 10 as it is Wednesday Wishlist!  I love magazines.  So great!

1. Toyfare issue 1- Yeah the first time Wizard tried to do Toyfar they came out with this first issue.  I read mine till the cover fell off.  I love it.  Wish I had it again!
2. Toyfare issue 2- Oh yeah!  This kicked off the standard Toyfare issue every month.  But this was the first.
3. Fangoria 28- The first issue of Fangoria I ever picked up.  I was obsessed with Friday the 13th part 2.  WISH I had this again!

4. Fangoria 29 through 31- These were my next Fangoria issues and pretty much my last ones.  4 months of strict horror...That and my father made me get rid of them when he became one of Jehovah's Witnesses...

5. Rolling Stone Batman issue- This was special for me because I was in the midst of Batman fever.  This at least to me was the first time comics had been discussed by a modern magazine like Rolling Stone. 
6. Moonraker-  Gotta have this again.  As I remember it was all black and white but I loved it.  Was SUCH a fan of Jaws.  The character and the shark.
7. WWF magazine 1985 Jan issue-  This was the first WWF magazine I ever picked up.  I had just become a fan in 87.  How I found this I have no idea as it was released a few years earlier...Would love to have all those eighties issues back.
8. Ninja Magazine 4- First one I ever picked up as well.  My friends Chris, Eric, and I were ALL about Ninjas in the mid eighties.  These magazines contributed alot to playing in the woods.
9. The Newsweek Alien issue-  I am SURE this is circa 1979.  Dad had it and I loved looking through it.
10. Hero Illustrated 1-  This was going to be another Wizard magazine...I think it failed after 2 issues.  But I really liked the first one.
Bonus- Wizard issue 9- This was the first issue of Wizard I ever picked up...LOVE this issue.  It showed Toybiz' second Xmen figure wave.  I stared at this thing for the longest.  I was Toybiz crazy back then.
So that is it.  I WISH I had these magazines again.  Perhaps one day I will.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Toy Tuesday- I got an army!

I got an army!  Welcome to New Toy Tuesday...This is the other half of the Mars troopers.  With red on em!  I figured since ole Winter Soldier is a russian or something like that....Then these would be his troops to take on my Stormtrooper SHIELD team.

The cage comes from Jakks Hell in the Cell..

8 soldiers is against my army building habits but that is how I got the four first MARS guys...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Score Saturday- Get your A$$ to MARS...

Picked these up last year in Texas.  Found em at Big lots when I found the Pirates figures.  These are MARS troops....Yeah not in my world.  See...I haven't seen the GI Joe movie yet.  Oh well....I will make them an army to someone...Maybe Destro's brigade or something...Now I just got to get a Destro...
I am racking my brain for a suitable Marvel Universe villain to lead them...Maybe Doc Ock's men?
Come on help me out!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Controversial Thursday- Saltillo IS Nazi Germany...

When I first started Monster Cafe it was easy.  Not many rules.  No one on my ass about things.  I was happy about that living in Mexico...The last two years have been SO different...

Man am I pissed....Ok get this....The MORONS in the Saltillo government passed a law that they told NO ONE about mind you that says if you have a restaurant or a cantina, every year now you have to get your neighbor's to sign their signature to say that you can run your restaurant!!!!  Do you believe it?  So my restaurant that I have had for four years running ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT THE FRICKING NEIGHBORS THINK?!?!?!?!!??!  So If I do not get the necessary signitures from my neighbors, the government can shut my restaurant down!!!


What if my neighbors do not like me because I play live music here on the weekends?  What if they do not want me around because I am an American and they might be a little racist?  What if it is an ultra religious person that thinks all alcohol is from the Devil?

Putting THIS much power into the neighborhoods hands is dangerous.  I BOUGHT my house.  I BOUGHT this restaurant!  I pay alot of fees to the government to be harrassed like this.  What the law I think is trying to do is to get rid of the taquierias...Meaning the GROSS bars where the men all piss on the floor and it is very low class areas etc...what it is really doing is hurting good businesses like us.

So I do not know if I can take much more of this shit.  If you want Monster Cafe to stick around COMPLAIN to someone about it....Because I am SO close to putting this thing for sale or rent and moving the heck out of here.
AND....My I lost my camera card....So I cannot take any pics until I visit Texas to get a card.  So pretty much this blog turns into Wednesday and Thursday posts.  Arghhh!  I am having a bad day.
Joe Pesci is right.  But this time it is the Saltillo Government that is screwing you.  Last year police showed up and gave us one week to pay the liquor license or they would shut us down...We scrambled and didn't have money at that time to pay it.  Somehow we did it.  Then in June they show up with MORE regulations we have to follow or they will shut us down.  These regulations SUDDENLY spring up.  They give us NO time to do anything.  So we had to scramble again.  Putting many miles driving to this location or that location to get certain papers for the restaurant to run.  
Not to mention the people you have to put up with.  The jackasses here do NOT work for longterm thinking.  People come in here begging for jobs and quit in a couple of days etc.  It is a CONSTANT struggle to deal with them.

 Now the government pull this stuff this year.  

WHAT is going to happen next year?  What obscure ruling will they make that they make people with restaurants jump through hoops for next?  Well I for one am sick of it.  Wifey and I literally have sick feelings in our stomachs.  How can pass a law like this?

Edit- We have decided...We are going to sell this place.  We are moving back to the states.  Here I invested in Saltillo and put up a HELL of a bar.  We do not allow drunks in here nor drug dealing, we provide jobs to the people of Saltillo and this is how the government repays us.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 Star Wars playsets I wish I had

It is Wednesday!  Time for the ole Wishlist.  I have none of these playsets but boy I wish I did!  Buzzchuck over at Action figure adventures has ignited a fire under my tokas!  I am vintage Star Wars crazy right now.  I am sure it will wear off over time... So here goes...I had them all as a kid...
1. Death Star-  Oh man....the fun I had with this one!  This is the grandaddy of them all folks!  But I just looked on Ebay....$1,700!?!?!?!?!  What are they fricking crazy????  Looks like I will NEVER own this thing...

2. Hoth playset- This would definitely be my number 2.  I loved Hoth.  I lived in Georgia where there wasn't much snow.  Thius was one I would drag out all the time.  Except I was always confused why it was called the Imperial hoth playset...The imperials were NEVER in the snow.   So I used the rebels with this one.

3. Turrent probot-  Oh yeah...This was the other playset's cousin.  So great this was to match it up with the other one.

4. Dagobah-  What is not to love about this one?  R2 sinks...Luke levitates objects.  Wow...

5.Star Destroyer- I suppose this classifies as a vehicle but man...Awesome!  Vadar's chamber was spectacular.

6. Ewok village-  Ok...I never had this one.  I admit it.  I was OUT of Star Wars by the time Jedi rolled around.  Still....The Robin Hood version DOES look better with the foliage and all.

7. Cantina- This was the first playset I probably owned.  Loved it.  Funny that a cantina was marketed to kids though.

8. Land of the Jawas-  Now that I think about it maybe this was the first.  They recommisioned it for a Hoth playset a few years later.  But this was the first!

9. Hoth playset redo-  Whaddya know?  It is the same as above.  They recommissioned the Jawa playset to be Hoth.  Had this one too.

10. Sandcrawler- I never had this either but I REALLY wanted it.  I know it probably also qualifies as a vehicle but...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Toy Tuesday - Infinite heroes...

Quadrian or something like that.  I like DC but have not read a single issue since the nineties.  I have no idea who this guy is.  He IS from an alien race and is a weaponer....

Also I picked up Power Girl....Now these and Batman are the only Infinite Heroes figs I have.  I SO wish DC would come out with a Marvel Universe figure type in stores for their heroes.  Many people would buy them....Oh well....

Monday, January 14, 2013

League Assignment- Cowboys!

Go ahead....Play the song as you read the blog.....Well it is League time.  I have not done one of these in awhile so here goes...
The theme is Cowboys....So what do I think of when I think of the world Cowboys....Well this comes to mind...
John Wayne....My father loved John Wayne.  Painted two oil paintings of him.  I do not have them as one we lost to fire....But Dad thought that if he painted John Wayne that they would sell....They did not sell...

Then I think of the Lone Ranger.  This EXPENSIVE DVD set was available last year.  I passed up on it though for the one below.

This one was 5 bucks!  All the lone ranger goodness I could want.  It satisfied the little boy watching this and Adventures of Superman as a kid before the eighties cartoons kicked in.  

Check out these other bloggers!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Score Sunday- Finding Nero...

Got this little guy for a small price at Big Lots in Texas last year.  IT ALMOST completes my 3 inch new Star Trek line.  All I am missing is Uhura.  This is Nero though.  The villain of the movie played by "Don't call me Bruce Banner" Eric Bana.  I liked the Star Trek movie.  It was great. 

I have no idea what to do with this little guy.  I will think of something though.  He looks like a priest.  A space priest maybe...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Score Saturday- Action figure adventures!

WHOO!  Buzzchuck over at Action figure adventures was nice to me!  I am blown away by his generosity!
Whoa!  Look at what is in this loot.  I am particularly jazzed about a few items.  The C3PO Pez Dispenser is great!  I am doing a secret project with Pez and this fits right in!  Also the Nosferatu!

I gave him a special place in the Monster Cafe display case!  
I opened up the Tygra Thundercats figure...I thought these honestly would suck.  OMG!  They have great articulation and a good look.  I hope to find the rest.

But why am I making the satisfied face?  Oh man...ORIGINAL vintage Star Wars figures!  Hammerhead and Walrus Man!  WOW!  I carried them in my pocket all day while working to look at them periodically.   More than anything these brought me back to being 6 years old.  I now have 5 Star Wars figures from my youth.  Of course I had to explain their relevance to wifey.  I never thought in a million years I would have ANY Star Wars vintage again.  I just thought it wasn't in the cards for me.  

THANKS SO MUCH BUZZCHUCK!  Anytime you are in Saltillo....Free dinner and beers for you and your ilk!  I mean it!  These two figures brightened my day as none have before.  I know most blogs that I read everyone ALREADY has them and probably kept theirs from when they were a kid...But not me.  I have had some tragedies happen in my life.  The loss of toys were a huge thing.  Again thanks so much!  LOVE the vintage Star Wars guys!
I know I will probably NEVER have my entire collection back of vintage Star Wars and it's ok.  I think I can live with it.  But man, you made this blogger so frickin happy.  I never expected to see these.  I could go on and on....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Freaky Friday- Monster Cafe interview...

This was an interview a little group did on the Monster Cafe back in 2009.  Not sure if anyone had seen it yet.  I was nervous as heck having never talked in front of the camera.  Had really no idea of the questions he was going to ask...Ughh...But hey it got Monster Cafe some much needed publicity at the time.
Part 2 is down below.
I was hoping for a followup but the company I think disbanded.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Controversial Thursday-Price asshattery!

It is controversial Thursday where someone gets offended....And this week we have people abusing the system.  What do I mean?

I think we have food stamps in Mexico.  But I am not sure.  I AM sure that this receipt found on the internet reeks of asshattery.  They used FOOD STAMPS to buy steak and lobster.  Bastards if I may say so.  That is an abuse of the system designed to try to help people.  If I saw someone doing this in line I would announce it loudly to the other shoppers.

What do the three pics above have in common?  Great sales in the U.S.  that is what!  Mexico NEVER has a sale!  They have IronMan 2 figures for $18 still!  A four year old movie!  You cannot even find them in the states anymore.
And that is that....THIS is WHY Mexico that I go to Texas to buy most of my figures!  Because you have no idea how to treat the consumer!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday- top 10 Jakks WWE figures I want.

OH yeah....I am a huge WWF fan.  I used to be moreso when I lived in the states.  I would love to complete my collection...These are the only guys I am missing!
1. Brock Lesnar bone crunching- Oh yeah....Man This figure would steamroll over my whole Jakks collection.

2. Cactus Jack bone crunching- I had him once and sold him when Dad died.  He was a great figure.

3. Dudley Boys bone crunching-  Imagine these guys and what they could do!

4. Marc Mero Bone crunching- I have the black shorts version.  I would like the red shorts.  He would pop on the shelf with a brighter color.

5. Diesel and Razer Ramon bone crunching- I had them too.  I used them SO much that the paint wore off of each one.  Wish I had them back.  My Jakks fed needs some Outsider love.

6. Undertaker bone crunching- I need this purple one again.  The one I had was during Jakks first run and his arm broke off coming out of the package.  I glued it to him and it was never the same.

7. Dave Hebner- Never had this figure.  I always wanted an awesome ref figure.  I had the generic one but not ole Dave.

8. Legends Classy Freddie Blassie- I had him too.  Sold em when my father passed.  I used this figure alot.  I gave him a finisher like what Xpac had.

9. Hurricane Jamie Nobel Final Count-  I love the Final Count figures.  Never had these two though.

10. The Dumpster-  YES I said the Dumpster.  While not a figure I do not have it.  Used to love the old dumpster matches these guys put on.