Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 WWE DVD's I want

Yeah it is Wishlist Wednesday again.  I am a wrestling fanatic.  Love it.  Started way back when in 1986 in December.  So I was around watching it when it was Andre vs. Hogan.  I saw Wrestlemania 3 on PPV!  So I am still a fan.  So living in Mexico kind of sucks about this as one cannot get the DVD's they want.  So here is my top 10 list I wish.

 1. Goldberg-  This should be a great DVD!
2. Hitman Hart- Wrestling with shadows....I love this one.

3. Austin vs. McMahon- I have been on an Austin kick recently.  Gotta have this one as this feud put him on the map.

4. Bobby Heenan- The greatest manager of all time.  He was NOT my favorite announcer though to the surprise of some people...

5. Ric Flair- The greatest wrestler in the biz.  WISH I had watched some NWA when it first aired back in the day but I was a WWF guy.

6. Survivor Series disk 2- I have the first five...Gotta get this one.  I wonder if they will release the rest one day.

7. History of the AWA-  What is this fed all about?  Never watched it before so I am curious.
8. Hart and Soul- Which by the way was the subtitle of summerslam 97...Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler of ALL time.  Wish I had this set. 

9. Road Warriors-  Again me never watching the NWA I had no idea who these guys were until they showed up on WWF TV in 1990.

10. Great American Bash DVD-  It is a best of series.

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