Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist-Top 10 Marvel Universe figs I want.

This will be a HARD top 10 list for sure.  I am sorely lacking on them to begin with....But here goes.
1. Captain America- I do not want that Avengers stuff with the straps all over him like the Avengers one.  I want CLASSIC CAP!  I have never seen one in Mexico.  Saw one in Texas...But then it had Wolverine's claw marks on his sheild so I had to pass...

2. Hulk- This version.  Looking all pissed off with two fisted hands.  Awesome.
3. Giant Man/Goliath- Oh yeah...My Avengers will never be complete without this guy.
4. Ok...ALL the Avengers you see here with the exception of Iron Man.  I already have him.
5. Ok everyone here too except for Surfer, Spiderman, and Guardian.  Those I got.
6. Yeah...Everyone here too except for Absorbing Man, Punisher, and spiderwoman.  The rest I need!
I am not good at this.  I cannot pick top 10.  I want them all.
7. Goliath and Skrull Giant- OMG!  I hate living in Mexico sometimes.  These are awesome!  A must have!
8. ALL except Absorbing Man....Like I said...I am VERY behind...
9. The Vision- I want this version...None of that phasing crap.
10. Whiplash 2000-  At least that is what I call him.
AS you see it was a hard list and I didn't really stick to a top 10...Oh well...


  1. I really like that whiplash.....that was more like a top all of em ;)

    1. Yeah when it comes to MU...I can't limit it to 10...

  2. We pretty much have the same list H.G.I really want to find that Hulk figure and a classic Cap.

  3. We love Marvel!
    Our collection is HUGE but we are still missing lots of them!
    I actually took tons of pictures of them which will soon be on our blog.

    I really want that Magneto thats in your first pic. Never saw it before.

    Giant Skrull is sadly impossible to find here but we need it.

    Vison sells for an arm.


    1. I DO think Marvel will release the Vision again in the future.

  4. I still am sick that you havne't got my package yet. You will just think that I am some loser that made a promise and never lived up to it.

    1. The guy that picks up my mail is visiting Texas this week. I hope he comes back with something my friend!

  5. Hulk & Skrull Giant!!! Damnit, man - you're starting to unlock my caged toy collecting beast! Noooo!!!