Sunday, December 30, 2012

Score Sunday- DVD DAY! Awesome titles I got!

This was the same Christmas day that I got the Avengers figures....We went to Blockbuster and lo and behold....2 buys 3!  WHOOO!  But with the two buys 3 promotion you have to get titles that sort of have the same price...To save myself some money...So I picked up these...
Avengers and the Amazing Spiderman were the same price so I had to find another but nothing cool I found....Until I remembered Hunger Games is supposed to be a big deal...So I got that.  2 buys 3 there.  Found Planet Hulk and Night of Champions 2010 for 70 pesos and had to find something of equal value...Wifey loves Philadelphia and so do I...
Reviews-  Planet Hulk is great...Wish it had more to it though.  The Red King looks too much like old Hulk villain Agamemnon for me to like him.
Avengers- Rocked.  Who the hell are the Chitauri though?  Oh it is some Ultimates crap...My universe will always be the real one...
Night of Champions 2010- Have not seen it all the way through yet.  Probably like other WWE ppvs...
Philadelphia- Great flick.  Noticed for the first time many of Jonathon Demme's cast from Silence of the lambs in this movie.
The Amazing spiderman-  I liked this one as well.  Changed the origin a bit.  HATE the costume change.
Hunger Games- I liked it the first time when it was made better as the Running Man with Arnold Schwarzneggar...


  1. Try to find the Planet Hulk comics. Goes into the story alot more and it's a great story. For once the Hulk is not the biggest and strongest there is. The comic also uses the Silver Surfer instead of Beta Ray Bill as the guy that Hulk fights in the climax. I like that use of Bill because it connects to Thor's first appearance in a nice way.

    1. But Hulk IS the strongest!!!! It has to be so!

  2. I lost your email too.