Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Toy Tuesday-Hulk Buster Iron Man!

This was actually the first Marvel Universe figure I ever picked up.  Found him in Texas.  He has ok articulation and is bigger than a traditional IronMan.  I think he could BUST a Hulk.  But I gotta find a Hulk figure!  Thanks to Cal I have World War Hulk but since he looks so weird with the Conan Armor on, I am not using him as my Hulk figure.  So as of now Tony Stark has come up with this suit to take down Blanka...The first Hulk in my little universe.  Should be an epic battle.


  1. I like em! He sure looks like he'd bust Hulk up a bit !

    1. Maybe that is why I do not have a Hulk yet. He is scared of this guy!