Monday, December 10, 2012

Iconic Marvel Monday- WHO are the 12?

Okay guys!  By now a few of you have seen my new DC sign....Now I am attempting to do a Marvel one...But I am a Marvelite!  I simply cannot choose the most iconic Marvel characters.  I gotta pick 12.  Only 12...and THAT is the dilemma....I am kinda going with the below...

With a few exceptions of course....I need your input though.  I would like to put 2 of them as women but they cannot be Invisible Girl or SpiderWoman....I am picking slots as to overall representation of the Marvel Universe....I already have the Thing so he represents the Fantastic Four so there is no need for Sue....I also already have Spiderman so no need for Spiderwoman...So here is who stays....

Captain America
The Thing
The Hulk

So I need your help for the last 5.  I need a representative from the Xmen and mutants....I know I know...I will probably go with Wolverine....But still not sure....

I need a heroe that covers the weird portion of the Marvel Universe.  Human Torch is out because I have the Thing but I am thinking Ghost Rider might look pretty cool on the sign...

So whaddya think?  This will be over my comic collection all my days....So I gotta pick wisely.


  1. Wolverine
    Ghost Rider
    Sgt. Fury (Old School)

    Having trouble coming up with a 5th.

    If you are not just doing hero's, maybe Dr. Doom, Green Goblin or Red Skull could go on the sign.

    1. Yeah I am only doing heroes for these signs.

  2. Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Cyclops, Dr Strange, Storm, Scarlet Witch.

    1. It cannot be Deadpool...I am aiming for the seventies with this sign. I should have said so in the beginning.

  3. 1)Ms.Marvel
    2)Rom The Space Knight
    3)Nova The Human Rocket
    4)The Falcon
    5)The Beast(Classic Blue Furry)

    1. Hmmm....Interesting...I never considered Rom. Nor Falcon...Would like some ethnicity with this sign.

  4. Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, Wasp (in the pointy helmet). Some additional ideas might be Black Bolt or Black Widow.

    1. I had thought of Silver Surfer but he falls into the FF catagory and I already have the Thing. So after looking at the recommendations for women I have: Wasp, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel...

  5. Replies
    1. I could....But he is just a human face. After looking at my DC sign with Superman and Aquaman...A human face is kinda boring now...