Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Funday- MY HOLY GRAILS!

In addition to my normal wishlists I DO have holy grails.  Toys I had as a kid or wish I had.  A holy grail to me is usually something that is not at the store right now but really it falls into the realm of TOO frickin expensive for me or hard to find...Or something that I could never afford...So with that said....
1. Alien 1979 18 inches- I had this as a kid and have documented about it before.  The thing runs $500 for a good shape one.  I understand Mcfarlane or someone has released another 18 incher with better articulation...But this was the bomb back then.
2. Halloween vintage blowmolds-  I would love to have everything on that shelf!  They are hard to find and in some cases expensive on Evilbay.
3. Marx Mountain of Navarone-  This was the playset I loved as a kid.  It came with so much.  Now that some stuff is being repopped I wonder if we will see this.
4. Toybiz big figures-  I had all of these but when Dad died....I sold them all.  I just wish I had kept the big figures...But all these would be awesome to have.

5. Power records lot-  I would love to have these as well.  Played them all the time.
6. Original Star Wars figures-  Oh yeah...I have three of them but would love more.
7. All of these masks-  Look at the vintage horror represented here.  WOW.
8.Batman Cold Knight-   This is a garage kit but this kit more than anything else I have ever seen depicts what Batman is all about for me.
9. A large plaster cast dinosaur-  Hey I can dream big right?
10. Captain Kirk command chair- Oh yeah...Built just for me.


  1. These are some fantastic Holy Grails Hobby i hope you manage get some if not all of them my friend. : )

    1. This year? Who knows? I think they are out of my reach as long as I am in Mexico.

  2. That Navarone Set is on my radar too, I LOVED that thing as a kid ! The power records are great, I have a few and will be posting them soon. Good Luck getting these Grails, they are awesome !!

    1. Yeah...I am not holding my breath...But wifey did surprise me tonight. We have been kinda of looking for a chair for the living room to no avail. She saw the Captain Kirk one and wants to build it for her! So that MIGHT be our next project.

  3. Those are also some of my holy grails, great list