Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 Toybiz figures I want.

I did the Toybiz thing when they first came out.  Had most all of them.  Then sold them all in a DUH moment.  Now that I collect Marvel universe I no longer like the scale of the Toybiz figures....Except for ones that are justified having it.  So with that said this is my wishlist for Toybiz figures.
1. Absorbing Man- This is one figure I had that I wish I didn't sell.  The detail is awesome!

2. Giant Man- Yeah wish I had him too.  Need him badly!

3. The Maestro- A huge version of the Hulk!

4. Onslaught- I was there.  I read Onslaught when it was first released.  Love the figure.

5. Wendigo- I like the real hair of him.
6. Stegron- A frickin walking Dinosaur!  What is not to love?
7. Sentinel-  The original Toybiz one is...well let's face it...it is loaded with extras!  A shooting fist!  Capture stinky mutie chest, and if you hit his knees he falls down!!!

8. Second Sentinel- This is a much smaller version of the big guy.  He is still kind of neat.  I have no idea why the designers made his fingers suck though.
9. The brood- I was there as well.  In fact they were some of my first Xmen comics when the Brood were first introduced. 

10. Capcom Sentinel-  Look at how awesome this thing is!  BUT.....I do not think that Toybiz and capcom ever released him. 
So that is it.  If ya got any of these send me a note maybe we can work something out.


  1. I have that Absorbing Man figure and it's very nice.

  2. I know a case of the "ToyBiz" fever when I see one ;)They truly are great in all their exaggeratedness!

    1. Yeah but it is only specific toybiz fever I have...And the only prescription....Is more Sentinel figures!

  3. Thats Wendigo figure is insane! WoW!

    I want that Sentinel!!!
    And that Capcom Sentinel is amazing!!