Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 movie DVDS A section

Yeah I have a top 10 list of movies on DVD I wish I had.  I have not found them so far in Mexico.  I will put no spoilers in here just in case people have not seen them. So here goes...
1. Aladdin-Yeah I want movies one two and three.  I love Robin Williams in it.

2.The Accidental Tourist-  It is a great love story.  Superb acting and one can really relate to the story.  My mother took me to see it when it first opened.  It was always about HER movies.  Never something for a kid.  BUT...I loved it.

3. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein- One of the only classic monster movies I do not have yet.  It is funny and scary!

4. The Amazing Spiderman- Saw it with my pastor a few months ago and really liked it.  I have the other three and this will fit in nicely.

5. An Innocent Man- It is a hard story but a feel good story in the end.  I love it when he gets his justified revenge on those guys! 
6. Arthur 2- I have part one which is a classic.  Part 2 is still good although alot of people hate it.  Burt Johnson is just evil!
7. Apple Dumpling gang- movies....Both comics are hilarious!

8. The Avengers- Yeah I know it just came out.  But I GOTTA see it!  I have not yet.  Just awaiting a cheap DVD is all.

9. And the Band played on-  I met one of the real doctors who discovered AIDS in Atlanta.  Mary Guinan.  Quite a thrill.  This movie is a must see.  It is poignant and moving.  Especially the song at the end.
10. A Nightmare on Elm Street remake-  I have not seen it yet.  I have heard it is bad but I wonder if people are looking through rose colored glasses about it.  Robert England would be hard to beat I am sure.
I will do the B's in the future..


  1. You are gonna flip when you finally get to watch Avengers!My favorite Super hero movie was the first Spider-Man but the Avengers have tied that all up.I'm one more viewing away from making it my all time favorite!

    1. I am watching the cartoon right now. It is pretty good. The only Avengers movies available in Mexico right now are around $20. I gotta wait till it hits the $10 range before I buy.

  2. I really enjoyed the new Nightmare on Elm Street. Granted, it's not as good as the original, but it blows all of the original sequels out of the water!

    1. I have not seen it yet. I hope I can find it.

  3. Scratch off Amazing Spiderman and Avengers. Got them both!