Sunday, November 18, 2012

Score Sunday- The Punisher!!!

You know...My camera REALLY sucks.  It is from 2001...I cannot do any good closeup shots.  Anyways I FINALLY have one of Marvel's Big Guns in the MU line!  The Punisher! 

Also I found in Mexico this candle holder of skulls...So......

I decided to marry the two!  Frank Castle sitting on the ones he has had to punish for being wicked...
Loving this figure!


  1. Can you zoom in on your pics and save them that way on your camera?If so what I usually do is take the pic from far away and then zoom in on it.Congrats on the Punisher!I have the black gloved version,would have preferred the white gloves though.

  2. Very nice!! That is an awesome display!! Almost looks like a comic cover!!

    1. I knew it was too cool when I first got it. They had more at the time of Halloween and I almost bought all of them to use as ashtrays in the Monster Cafe but feared the people would just steal them.

  3. Awesome Punisher.