Sunday, November 4, 2012

Score Sunday- All along the Watchtower...

Yeah it is Sunday so I gotta talk about something.  So sad Kal is quitting blogging...Hope he comes back.  But here we are....I got this the last time I was in Texas.  I have been turned on by these for some time and want to add more to the collection.  What am I talking about?

The World peacekeepers Watchtower!  Comes with three soldiers the same size as GI Joe!  I do like the WT, but I prefer the GI Joe one better...
Mostly because of the sandbags across the top of them.  But....

The gun on the World peacekeepers one is FAR better!  Look at that thing!  They could shoot down the Hulk if I had him.


  1. I like! Yeah, I agree, not as good as the Joe version but its pretty nice!

    1. For $7 you CANNOT beat it! And this one came with three figures. Do ya think GI JOE would do that?

  2. I love the way you create these little displays for all your stuff. Your passion is contagious. Don't worry about me not coming back. I think I needed to sulk for a little bit and play around with my own collection, rotate some stuff up to the control room of the Cave of Cool and create some boxes to send to some of my favorite people. I hope you don't already have what I am about to send you but you said you wanted to be surprised. Thanks for your support.

  3. Where did you find that HG?!Really diggin'it!I need something like that,my Joes are tired of standing side by side all day.Something like this can brake up the monotony of ones display and really bring it to life ;)

  4. I also have a suggestion.If you happen to have any luggage laying around,look inside to see if there are any of those side elastic mesh pockets.I once cut that out into a decent square size shape and draped it over some figures,this might look cool draped over that watch tower!It would have to be green,black or brown though ;)