Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More DVD movie love I got!

Oh yeah! The DVD gods were shining on me on this latest trip to Laredo...

Finally completed my James Bond collection.  I had bought individual movies in Mexico and HAD to wait to find the rest of them instead of getting the boxed sets...
I have avoided buying this Christmas gem for so long.    Ok here is a rant...WHY are all Christmas movies sold this time of year that one can find but NEVER Emmett Otter's jugband christmas is on shelves?  I know my sentence sucks but really.  I need that movie!

Oh yeah!  Finally have all of the F13 movies except 9.  I will not buy it.  It sullies the name.
I had this one once....Played it at the cafe.  One of my waiters ran off with it which is why I check them throughly before they leave now.

LOVED the first two movies.  Hope the last one is just as good.
I left a few good ones there too.  Maybe Reis could let me know if the Dukes Of Hazzard reunion movies were any good.


  1. Great selection! I don't have any of the Bond movies, but back in the late 90's, they used to show a different Bond movie on ABC every Saturday night, and my wife and I would watch it every week! Good times!

    1. Yeah I have a huge want list that is gradually being whittled down. Now I am finally done with Bond.

  2. Nice score, man! Even though I've owned Beetlejuice for years, I'm jealous that you have the more recent edition. Why? You may ask. Because your edition has 3 of the animated episodes on it, and I loved that show.

    Cobra is another awesome 80s movie that doesn't get the credit it deserves. And you're right about F13 IX, it sucks. But you need to have all of them, then you can have a marathon.

    And if you liked the Meet the Parents/Fockers movies, I'm sure you'll enjoy Little Fockers. I thought it was hilarious.

    1. Ah...Never saw the show. I cannot include 9 as a marathon. I just cannot. Jason isn't even in it!!!! I hate the writer of that one with a passion.

  3. Stand and Deliver is one of my all time favorites. Jaime Escalante is one of my teaching heroes.