Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings= Modern toys I collect...

I am pretty strict on my collecting habits.  I just don't collect anything anymore.  Let's face it...There is only a limited amount of space right? goes...Modern things I collect.
1. 3 inch figures-  If it is three inches, it is a good chance I want it.  That includes mainly Star Wars, GI Joe, World Peacekeepers, Marvel Universe, DC Infinite Heroes, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones etc.
2. WWE Mattel 6 inch line and basics- These are great wrestling figures.  In fact when I get one and I already have a Jakks version, I sell the Jakks version in my cafe. 
3. Funko Bobbleheads- Only Funko will do...And only Bobbleheads will do.  I cannot stand the new Funko product...Those pop vinyl stuff gives me nightmares...
4. Moebius, Round 2, Monarch FIGURE kits-  If it is a figure kit, I probably want it or have it.  No car kits for me.  Bleh....
5. Pop Culture books-  Love these kinds of books.  Love the DK publishing house.  They come out with great stuff all the time.
6. Papo stuff-  If it is compatible with the 3 inch figures then I am on it. 

7. Heroclix- Only Marvel and DC for me.
8. DVD's on my list-  This is about the only thing one can really collect a good amount of in Mexico.  I still have a list about 1,000 more movies I want.  But hey it is a start.
9. Omnibus and Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase- Love bound volumes of the two big companies...
So yeah I really do not collect much else if it doesn't fall within these realms.  So no Lego, Imaginext, Lincoln logs or anything that I consider for babies...


  1. Me I love the 3.75" figures. Star Wars and Marvel.

  2. Replies
    1. And that is pretty much all I collect. They can keep the rest of it.

  3. Awesome stuff!

    I have a WWE Defining Moments Randy Savage if you're interested, all you have to do is pay for shipping. He's loose, but in great condition! Send me an e-mail if you want him.

    1. Is that the Savage with the Wrestlemania 7 gear?

    2. I would be interested...However I live in Mexico. Kinda hard to pay shipping from here...How about we work out a trade. Throw any other Mattel Elite or basic into the pile and I can send you something. I have some LJN's TONS of Jakks RA and Bone crunching...We are planning to visit Texas in December and I can send out then.

    3. No need for trade, if you'll be in Texas I can ship it there. Just email me before you head out!